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Anita Hummel

My Story

Every story starts at the beginning and my story is no exception.  I was born into a family where my great grandfather, grandfather and Uncle all lived and worked in China for many years during their lifetime. My grandfather was head of the Orientialia Division of the US Library of Congress for 40 years and my Uncle was the US Ambassador to China.   I have a mother who was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.   

Their stories have influenced my own as I have spent over 30 years traveling  living and working in Asia (China, Vietnam. Thailand and Hong Kong) and I have traveled to almost all parts of the region.  I have spent my career focus of manufacturing home decor and home furnishing products in the Asia region which has allowed me to go in to many handicraft villages and to meet and work with local craftsmen and women. 

My life of travel started long before my time now in Asia.  In High School I spent 6 months as a foreign exchange student in Sundsvall, Sweden. I learned so much from the many wonderful friends I met in Sweden. 

In college I spent one summer backpacking Europe and another summer I lived in Taiwan and taught English.  it was there during my Taiwan experience that I decided I needed to see China for myself.  So I saved up my money to spend another one of my summers backpacking China.  I think at that time I decided I was not finished with travel or Asia and I needed to see and experience more.  I realized that the world was such a  big and amazing place and there was so much more that could be seen and be experienced to be a true global citizen. 

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