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James Johnstone


Meet James Johnstone, a globe-trotting Scot whose life story weaves through the vibrant cultures of the world. Edinburgh Business School shaped his mind with a master’s degree that fine-tuned his business strategy and operational insights. Yet, it’s his zeal for culture, history, travel, and the art of sailing that truly captures his spirit.

James’s love for these passions eclipses the conventional confines of business. His years in Asia weren’t just about mastering product development; they were chapters in his ongoing education as a global citizen, absorbing the historical tapestry and cultural richness of each place he touched. This immersion informs his writing, allowing him to craft stories that are not just articles but voyages that carry the reader to the heart of each subject.

A true cosmopolitan, James translates his international lifestyle into narratives that celebrate the diversity of the human experience. His writings are invitations to explore the world’s grandeur, from the silent language of ancient architectures to the rhythmic chants of marketplaces and the boundless horizons from a yacht’s deck.

Whether it’s the stroke of a keyboard or the stroke of a sail in the wind, James lives his adventures with full sails and invites you to navigate the fascinating waters of life alongside him. Join his journey, and become part of a story that redefines what it means to live without borders.