Gear & Stuff

Here are a few enterprises, programs, equipment, and services we have personally utilized. We might earn a minor affiliate income from some of these recommendations, though this isn’t the case for most.

Travel Companies

Book a Way

Seeking a seamless way to experience travel like a local without the usual inconveniences? Be sure to explore the Book a Way website. We’re impressed by the wealth of valuable information it offers to enhance your travel experience.

Great Wall Of China

Ethos- Sapa Vietnam

If you plan to travel to Sapa, Vietnam, we highly recommend that you book a tour with Ethos-Spirit of the Community. Phil and Hoa run some amazing tours while seeking to make a difference in Sapa and helping many of the hill tribes keep their cultures alive You can contact Hoa or Phil by clicking here; tell them Anita sent you.

New Milestone – Mongolia

If you are traveling to Mongolia, we recommend checking out the great tours that New Milestone Tours in Mongolia give. They can tailor-make any tour for you. Like other travel companies, we recommend New Milestone also seeks to make a difference. You can contact the owner, Adiyabold, by clicking here; tell him Anita sent you.

Virtual Challenges

The Conquer Virtual Challenge

We love the Conquer Virtual Challenge; you can virtually travel to so many great parts of the world just by recording how far you walk, swim or bike each day. Compared to other virtual challenges, we appreciate how easy the Conquer Virtual Challenge app is to use. We also love the medal they send once the challenge is completed. To get a 10% discount on a Conquer Virtual Challenge, please click here.

The Conquer Virtual Challenge – Inca Trail Medal

Family History Stuff

The FamilySearch Program

If you are starting to reach your family history, we recommend signing up for a free account at FamilySearch. FamilySearch has some really great data and information. You can get your free account by clicking here.

Ancestry DNA Ethnic Tests

We recommend Ancestry if you are looking for the best Ethnic Ancestry DNA Tests. DNA testing is a great way to find out more about where your family is from. You can find out more by clicking here.

Blogging & Tech Stuff

Passive Income Geek

By far, the best program out there to help get you started as a blogger is Passive Income Geek. I really love how Morten is so personable and gives you such a great deal of detailed information to help you get started in publishing your blog. To find out more about Passive Income Geek, click here.


Ezoic is one of the best ad networks out there. I really love how easy they are to work with. They have a great new LEAP program that will help you understand what improvements need to be made on your site. For a non-techie like me, this has been valuable. Find out more by clicking here.