Is Ezoic Worth it? 9 Reasons Why We Love Ezoic

Is Ezoic Worth it? 9 Reasons Why We Love Ezoic

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If you were thinking of starting a blog and wondering how to earn an income off your blog, most people do it with affiliates and ad income. I have been using Ezoic, and we like their ad network.

There are many reasons we love Ezoic, but a few of them are that Ezoic is easy to set up, and they are great to work with. Ezoic also takes websites of any size and will still pay you a decent amount of ePMV or views per 1,000 pages. We find Ezoic also offers great support to their publishers.

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9 Reasons Why We Recommend Ezoic for Your Ad Network

Are you an online publisher, website owner, or webmaster looking for the best way to monetize your website’s content? If yes, then you’re likely familiar with ad networks.

Choosing the right network can be daunting – there are so many options out there, and all of them present different benefits and drawbacks. One option that we highly recommend is Ezoic – an AI-powered platform built specifically for online publishers.

With its advanced optimization technology, predictive analytics engine, powerful reporting tools, and user-friendly interface, Ezoic provides numerous advantages over more traditional ad networks. This article covers nine key reasons why using Ezoic as your primary ad network is smart.

Here are nine reasons why we recommend Ezoic for your ad network

Ezoic Is Easy To Set Up

I have found is Ezoic to be very easy to work with and set up. Before I started with Ezoic, I tried Sovrn and Google AdSense. Neither was fully set up on my website, as I found them difficult.

With Sovrn and Google Adsense, as a non-techie person, I found it overwhelming to figure out exactly what I needed to set up their Ads properly.

What I love about Ezoic is that after signing up, I scheduled a call with an account manager who helped me through the setup process. The account manager helped me with the whole step-up – everything from helping me get my DNS onto Ezoic to where and how my ads should be set up on the website.

I found it so helpful to talk to a human being and ask questions back and forth on Google MeetUp. I found it so much easier to talk to someone and have my questions and concerns answered than to do it over the phone, email, or chat. I find this kind of customer service with Ezoic just amazing.

I love how they offer this kind of service, as they want to see you become successful. I should point out that I didn’t find this kind of service with Sovrn, Google AdSense, or other ad networks.

Ezoic Is Easy To Use And Work With

If you consider yourself a non-technical person, as I am, setting up any ads on a website can be difficult. But I feel like Ezoic understood that, and they try to make it as easiest to use as possible.

After Ezoic is set up, I was then turned over to another account manager. I have found these Ezoic account managers to be a great asset.

I have had several meetings to go over the Ezoic platform; this has been invaluable for asking questions and voicing any concerns I may have. Because of this extra help, I have found Ezoic very easy to use and work with.

Ezoic Offers Great Support

Ezoic offers great support. Whenever I’ve had a problem, I have received support very quickly. This Ezoic support has been beneficial for me.

I honestly feel like Ezoic is vested in my success as much as I am, making it a vital partner for me. I like and appreciate this about Ezoic.

Ezoic Allows Any Size of Website

Many ad networks only take websites when they reach a certain number of page views monthly. Publishing a website can take a long time for most bloggers to reach 10,000, 50,000, or 100,000 page views monthly.

Ezoic requires no minimum page views pages per month. This, of course, is great for new bloggers and websites. They can build their pageviews while earning some income from their site ads with Ezoic.

But we recommend before putting ads on your site, you have at least 60 blogs on your site. The reason is before Ezoic will show ads, Google Adsense must approve you. Google Adsense usually only approves you if you have a substantial amount of what they consider “high-value” content on your site.

Ezoic Gives Decent ePMV

Ezoic offers very decent ePMV. The term ePMV is the measurement that most ad networks use to pay out the earnings per thousand visitors.

The ePMV varies a lot from site to site and industry to industry. Other factors, such as your site’s speed, the number of ads on your site, and many others, can affect your ePMV for Ezoic and other ad networks.

Ezoic’s ePMV is usually much higher than other companies like Google Adsense, especially for newer sites. This means you can start to earn income with Ezoic immediately.

Ezoic Is An Amazing Platform

Ezoic has a great platform that will show your data for all your websites. I love the Ezoic platform, how you can quickly see your site visitors, and how much you earn.

When I first looked at the Ezoic platform, I was a bit taken aback as I couldn’t read all the data on the website. Ezoics account managers helped to understand more about their platform.

I hardly go onto Google Analytics anymore to check my traffic; I usually check it directly on Ezoic. I find Ezoic so much easier to work with because I can see everything I need to see in one place and on one platform.

Ezoic Gives Big Data Information

Ezoic offers its publishers what is known as Big Data. Big Data can allow you to see your top-performing pages and a lot of other statistics. You can see far more on Ezoic’s Big Data than on Google Analytics.

I love Ezoic’s Big Data because it gives you so much detail about your market segmentation. You can drill down as to what age people are on your site, where they’re located, or even what the weather was when looking at your site.

Big Data can give you much insight into what you’re doing that is successful, what was not, or what you need to change. It also helps you understand your target audience; for example, you may find more people are viewing websites in the winter than in the summer.

Love Ezoic Leap

One of my new favorite things with Ezoic is known as Ezoic Leap. Ezoic Leap is a free website performance tool that helps you diagnose your website performance so you can change or improve your website’s core vitals.

For example, when designing websites, I used Elementor to help design my pages. But Elementor was also slowing down my sites and, in some circumstances, even crashing them.

Leap recommended that I get rid of Elementor; I got rid of all my Elementor pages, and the speed of my site changed significantly.

Leap is a tool that suggests changes to your site so that you can have great Core Web Vitals and performance. This is important as this is now one of the ranking factors that Google is looking for in websites.

Ezoic Pays Quickly

I have found that my payments from Ezoic come very fast. I didn’t even think about them, and suddenly, I noticed that money had been put into my account.

This is why it truly is passive income; you forget about the money and suddenly realize that the money or payment is in your account.

I like that Ezoic will pay you even if it’s only $20 or $30. Many other companies have a minimum where you have to have $100 or more to get paid. I like that Ezoic pays you for even smaller amounts and pays quickly.

Sign Up For Ezoic

Ezoic is one of the best ad networks out there.. For a non-techie like me, this has been valuable. 

If you are looking for a great ad network partner, Ezoic is the one for you, and You can find out more about Ezoic by clicking here.

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