Koi Fish Symbolism And Meaning Defined

Koi Fish

Many Koi Fish swim in a pond near my house in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Koi fish were put there purposely as a sign of good luck.

The Koi fish have many symbols, from their color to the fish itself. The fish can bring you positive energy, good luck, and fortune. That is why the Koi fish remains a prevalent fish in Asia and worldwide.

Koi Fish Colors And Symbols

One of the most recognizable features of the Koi Fish is its bright colors. Many Koi Fish breeders strive to have the right color for their fish.

But like many things in Asia, an individual may want to have a specific color of a Koi fish to help bring them luck or push fate in the right direction.

Here are what some of the colors of the Koi fish mean:

  • Koi Fish With White Body and Red Spot (Kohaku), will help with your career success.
Bekko Koi Fish
  • Koi Fish that is yellow, red or white with black markings (Bekko) would help you to find true love.
Ogon Koi Fish
  • Koi fish with a platimum or silver color (Ogon) would help you find business success in life.
Yamabuki Koi Fish
  • Koi fish with a bright gold body (Yamabuki) will help you find riches or financial success.
Ochiba Shigura Koi Fish
  • Koi fish with a brown or grey color (Ochiba Shigura) means fallen leaves or autumn.
Kumonruyi Koi Fish
  • Koi fish with a white body and black spots (Kumonruyi) may symbolize to help you to be able to better navigate life’s changes.
Kuchibeni Koi Fish
  • Koi fish with red and white or a red lipstick color around the mouth (Kuchibeni) will help to ensure you have a long lasting relationships.

Because the fish and the fish’s color are essential, you may find certain color fish or a variety of colors in a pond. In many parts of Asia, if a factory has a Koi fish pond, you may find a lot of gold-colored Koi fish that help symbolize wealth or financial success.

Koi Fish As A Symbol Of Tenacity And Resilience

Koi fish are capable of thriving in some extreme climates. They can handle being outside in the cold or deep summer heat. Koi Fish is also known to swim upstream and even up a waterfall.

These natural traits of the Koi Fish have helped give them the symbol of tenacity or resilience.

Koi Fish As A Symbol of Courage

Koi fish are fish that will face their dangers in life head-on. Many may feel that they have an easy life of just swimming around the pond, but the truth is that if any predatory wildlife or threat comes after them, they will fight and face the danger head-on.

Koi Fish are known to be innovative, and if they find danger, they may swim to swallower water to give them the fight advantage.

Because of their ability to face their dangers head-on, Koi fish symbolizes unmistakable courage.

Koi Fish As A Symbol of Wealth And Abundance

Koi fish are used a lot in Asia to symbolize wealth and abundance. Many of the larger Koi fish can be pretty expensive.

In Asia, you may find them in prominent and essential places. You would find them with emperors, state officials, and other important houses and places.

Koi Fish at Park
Koi Fish at Park

Today you still see them at all these places, including in parks, important buildings, homes, and factories.

The Koi fish has long symbolized wealth and abundance as they believe in helping bring an abundance of wealth to the Koi fish owners.

Koi Fish As A Symbol Of Independent Spirit

It is hard to find any two Koi fish that are exactly alike. Each Koi fish will have its uniqueness.

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This uniqueness helps to ensure that the Koi fish is also a symbol of unconformity, originality, and an independent spirit. Koi fish, by their nature, are unique and independent in spirit.

Koi Fish As A Symbol Of Luck

One of the more well-known attributes of the Koi Fish is their symbol of luck. For centuries throughout Asia, Koi fish have been seen as a symbol of luck and good fortune.

Koi Fish Tattoo
Sample tattoo of Koi Fish at the Arm

That is one reason why a Koi Fish tattoo remains a top-rated tattoo for many people to get.

It is believed that a Koi Fish, whether the fish, the fish symbol, or even the tattoo, will help to draw and bring in positive energy to wherever it is. That same positive energy will bring with it fortune and good luck.

Koi Fish Symbolize Longevity

A typical Koi fish not bred in Japan can have a lifespan of 25 to 35 years. Many Koi fish kept, and lin optimal conditions can live over 100 years. The oldest reportedly living Koi fish lived to be 226 years of age.

Because of the lifespan of the Koi fish, having a koi fish can help to symbolize longevity and good health.

Koi Fish Can Symbolize Family And Community Strength

Koi fish live and swim together
Koi fish live and swim together.

Koi Fish do well living in a community of fish. You can see them swimming next to each other, many times in very close quarters. They all seem to swim together and enjoy each other close company and proximity.

In these close quarters, the Koi fish live and swim in harmony with one another.

Because of this characteristic, Koi fish can also symbolize the strength of a family and community. We can all get along together as a family and community, just as the Koi fish do.

Koi Fish And Positive Feng Shui Energy

A Koi fish pond on your property can bring a positive flow of energy and serenity. The Koi fish is a positive influence that can help elevate your Feng shui or positive energy in life.

If you are looking for a fish that can help bring you positive energy, good luck, and fortune, most people think about the Koi fish. It is a magnificent fish to watch as it swims around the waters, but more than that is a symbol of many important attributes.

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