Why I Love ABBA’s Music, 9 Reasons Why

ABBA'a Music

The other day I was riding in a taxi in Hanoi, Vietnam, and had on my headphones listening to the new ABBA Voyager album. I mentioned ABBA, and the driver quickly asked if I wanted to have him put on some ABBA music. This is the symbol of ABBA and their music – it knows no cultural, race, or gender divide.

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There are many reasons why I love the iconic music group ABBA and their music. I love how creative the songs are – they make me want to stand up and dance. Their music has a great beat and always makes me happy. They produce clean yet catchy music that knows no cultural, age, or other divides.

ABBA shows us that they are not afraid to create and try new things; they do not need to be the “cool” kid. For ABBA, it is always about the music.

Here Are 9 Reasons Why I Love ABBA’s Music

Creative Songs That Know No Divides

You cannot talk about ABBA without talking about its remarkable creativity. I can think of no other group that has been able to recreate themselves time and time again and have such a huge impact.

They change music in the 1970s. They broke into the movie business with such hits as Mama Mia. One of my fondest movie memories was going with my mother, sisters, nieces, nephews, and a visiting relative from Sweden to go to a sing-a-long of Mama Mia one in a theatre in Milwaukee.

There were – three generations singing the Mama Mia songs at the top of our lungs. I thought, what kind of group can touch so many ages, cultures, and people? That is ABBA; they know no divides when it comes to culture, race, or gender.

Great Voices And Sounds

ABBA, especially Agnetha and Anni-Frid, have great voices. Their unique voices blend so perfectly. When you listen to their new Album Voyager, you realize how they still have the same voices they once had even after all these years.

When you listen to the ABBA sound, there is something magical about their sound. There is something profound and in not just their voices but also the music.

Great Original Music

ABBA has such great original music. I love Benny’s music, but I admire the words that Bjorn puts to the music.

We often forget that Bjorn is not a native English speaker. Writing those words in English for a native English speaker is talent, but having someone write them who is not a native English speaker is fantastic.

The music and the lyrics are at the heart of what they do best, and those lyrics and music speak to me.

Fun to Dance And Sing To

As I walked my dogs in a park near my house in Hanoi, Vietnam, the other day, I had on my airbuds and was listening to the new ABBA album. I found myself with my foot tapping and even breaking out in a bit of dance.

I am sure some people in the park probably thought, what in the world is that lady doing – but that is how ABBA music makes me feel. I want to get up and dance.

Easy To Listen And Enjoy

I find ABBA’s music easy to listen to. I do not listen to a lot of music, but ABBA and their music is the one group I will always listen to. If I am in a car on a long ride and do not want to listen to a podcast or audiobook, I will always switch on ABBA and listen to their songs.

Listening to ABBA songs relaxes me. It makes me happy and makes me smile.

Clean and Catchy Songs

I love that ABBA has clean and catchy songs. Some songs today are full of swear words or other lousy language or imagery. I prefer not to spend my time listening to that kind of music, so I appreciate the fact that ABBA’s music is clean while being catchy.

They are songs that I want to sing along with!

It’s About The Music

ABBA is made up of a rare group of four people who genuinely care about the music. They never cared if they were “cool” or not. They did not change who they were to become someone else, become another group, or have another sound.

They have remained true to themselves and their music. They were offered billions of dollars to go on tour for a year – they all said NO.

They are one group of artists. I feel like, for them, it is really about the music.

Not Afraid To Try New Things

ABBA’s new concert is going to be Avatars of their younger selves. Some people had said, “will people pay money to see a show with avatars?”

I feel like it is cutting edge and would be a fantastic show to see. We may find that other groups will follow.

But whatever the case, one thing we all need to admire about ABBA is that they are never afraid to try new things. They are leaders who are out there creating and changing things, and they are not afraid to be a leader and try something new.

ABBA And The Voyage Album

ABBA has just released the Voyage Album, and anyone who had not heard it should get it and listen to it. It is a classic ABBA album in so many ways.

But more than that, ABBA has shown the world that they still have it even at the age of 70 plus. They still have the talent, the voices, the music, and the beat. They have it all, and they are the real deal and the real thing.

I do not know of too many seventy-plus-year-olds who could go into a studio and nail those songs as both Agnetha and Anni-Frid did. It is amazing.

I also really love the music as the music is true to the ABBA sound. They did not try to recreate themselves but instead gave us all the same great ABBA sound, dance moves, music, and beat that we love so much.

ABBA – Thank you for the music and the songs we are all singing! Thanks for all the love it is bringing!

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