10 Tips to Travel and Run a Successful Business While On the Road.

10 Tips to Traven and Run A Successful business

Going on an adventure to see the world can be a wonderful and exciting experience. But, the adventure will be even greater if you can travel and see the world while running a successful business. Today with technology and remote working, this is possible more than ever before.

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We have outlined for you our top 10 tips to travel and run a successful business. The tips are: 1) Make sure your business category works on the road, 2) fully know and understand all your legal issues, 3) have the skills you need to be successful already in place, 4) have a concrete plan, 5) make sure your data is digital, 6) have all the correct tools, 7) have any support or admin support you may need already in place, 8) do a short travel test run before going on a longer trip, 9) make sure you are healthy and 10) Have the income and money you need to travel already in place.

With our top 10 tips to travel and run a successful business, you have a greater chance of being able to fulfil your dream to travel and run a successful company.

Make Sure Your Business Works For Travel

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that the business you are looking to do while you travel actually works with traveling. This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your business will be successful while you are out on the road traveling.

If for example, you are a florist and your clients are in your local area, unless you have trusted employees, traveling will probably mean having to close up your shop. If your shop is not open, people will simply not buy from you. And if you have no sales then you will have no income.

If your business is a travel blog then blogging while you travel may be an essential part of the success of your blog and your business. You will need to be able to travel to see new places and write about your travels.

Any kind of business you build will take a huge amount of time and effort. Nothing is easy. Every business has problems and issues they must deal with. Travel can only add to those problems. so you must keep that in mind when choosing what business you will do while on the road.

Know and understand all your legal issues before you travel. This will be important for your company. You do not want to have issues with the IRS or Tax Authorities while you are traveling. This is an example of some administration systems you should have in place before you travel. If not, you may end up with a real mess on your hands.

It is much easier for you to have all your legal issues all set up and handled before you travel. It will just ensure your time traveling does not have unnecessary disruptions.

Have The Skills You Need

If you are going to travel you must have the skills you need to be able to do your work effectively on the road. For example, if your main income is in web design, then you need to be qualified and able to handle your web design business on the road. You should already have a client base built up.

If your main business is promotional videos, and you are traveling to get new video footage you can use for your videos, then you need to have the right camera, editing equipment, and knowledge of how to use it.

Those that are successful being on the road while running a successful business are those that already have the skill sets in place to ensure they are successful. The road or traveling is not the place to try to gain all the needed skill sets.

Have A Plan in Place

With any business, you need to ensure you have a plan in place. If for example, your plan is to travel so that you have material for some blogs then have a goal of how many blogs at what number of words you will write a day.

When you are on the road and working, unless you have a plan it can be easy to tell yourself that it is OK if I just sleep in or maybe spend a few days by the pool or at the beach. Working while traveling is not the same as vacation and should not be confused with a vacation.

If you want to go on a vacation then plan a vacation. If you are planning to work and travel then make sure you are getting your work completed while you are traveling.

Go Digital

To be successful on the road you must go digital. It is not practical to carry around a huge binder or heavy papers or books that you may need. Not only will this be extremely heavy to carry everywhere but with the technology available today it is not necessary or practical.

Everything you do should have some kind of digital backup. Today this is so easy with iCloud backups, One Drive, Google Drive, and a host of other services. But nothing should be on just your laptop, especially anything that is very important and you need to keep safe.

This is just common sense in case you have a laptop or anything else get stolen then you have a copy of it on the cloud so that you can easily retrieve it. And if there are others that you need to collaborate with then this will make it much easier for them to collaborate with you.

When you are setting up your business, you need to set it up this way from the very beginning. Make sure all your information, processes, and systems are on the cloud somewhere, so you can easily find it. Today with technology, this is easier than it has ever been.

Have the Tools

Besides having all your data on the cloud, you must also have with you the proper tools. Having all the proper tools will ensure you can work effectively and efficiently on the road.

Here are some tools you can consider:

  • Lightweight high powered laptop – If all your work is going to be done on a computer you will want that computer to be as lightweight as possible and also as powerful as possible. You may not think this is important, but when you are carrying that computer on your back for a day, it can start to feel very heavy very quickly.
  • Ipad with a sim card and keyboard – Some places you travel may not have very good internet access or no internet access at all. I found that by having an iPad with a keyboard and then putting in a local sim card for data, I can still do my work anywhere. When I went to stay in a Ger in Mongolia I only had my Ipad, keyboard, and local sim card for data with me. I was able to do all the work I needed to do without any problem. An iPad can also act as your library for reading books, your entertainment system with movies and television. I carry my Ipad with me everywhere. When I went on some week-long bike rides I had my Ipad in my bike saddlebags and I was able to easily keep up on all my work-related issues.
  • Mobile Phone – Whatever mobile phone you decide on it needs to be a phone that is unlocked. I love the Apple iPhone as they have such a great camera. An unlocked phone means that you can switch out and change your sim cards for the country you are traveling to. This is always the cheapest way for you to have a phone service where you are traveling. Many countries will sell the SIM cards right at the border or airport. Also, I use my iPhone as my main camera. I find it much easier than having to carry my large Nikon camera around,
  • Business Phone – If you are running a business you will need a way for your clients to be able to reach you. I use Ring Central as I like how they give me a USA cell mobile phone number right on my iPhone. When I am on 3G or 4G or the Internet I can easily call the USA as a local number. Facetime and some other programs work, but not all your customers may use them. Some people use programs like Magic Jack. I have not used them but use Ring Central as they the same online meeting functions as Zoom has.
  • Other hardware – You will need to have all the proper hardware with you. If you are doing podcasting you may need a good mic and headset. You will probably want to look at extra plugs and cords and some electrical adapters for the plugs. Also some very good battery packs. The only caution I have with battery packs is some countries will limit how larger they can be for the airplanes or other transportation. China for example will scan your luggage to even get on their train system.

Have Your Home-based Support In Place Before You Go

Have your home-based support in place before you travel anywhere. Whoever you are working with will also need to be well trained and know what to handle and how to handle your work before you travel.

This does not need to be an employee but it could be someone who you are paying for a specific service. Whether an employee or a paid service, before you take off across the world and are on a different timezone you need to be sure they fully understand what is required to help your business run smoothly.

Do a Test Run

If you are planning a long travel experience, and have never traveled and ran your business on the road before, then you should first plan to do a test run to see how your business is able to adapt on the road. This could be a short test run of a 2 to 3-week trip for your first time to travel, instead of a 6 month or 1-year trip.

The purpose of a test run trip is so that you will get out there on the road and see how you are able to handle your business on the road. There is really little point to traveling anywhere if all you do is spend your days and nights in a hotel room working. That is not traveling. All you did was go to another place to pay to use their internet, room, and air-con.

If you really want to travel internationally your purpose should be to see and experience new things, Sitting in a 5-Star hotel room or at a bar working 10 hours a day your entire trip is really not about you experiencing and seeing anything thing new. This is why we suggest a shorter test run first so that you can see how your business model will adapt to travel and if you can accomplish your travel goals at the same time as your business goals.

Be Healthy

If you are going to travel, especially to travel internationally you should be healthy. Travel can be grueling and sometimes very tough and hard work. There may be the bus, train, or ferry rides that are long and grueling so you do not get all the sleep you need. Some parts of the world can be very dusty and dirty.

When you are traveling, anything can happen. You never know if you will need to walk a long distance to a hotel or town dragging your suitcase or with a heavy backpack on. You should be healthy enough to be able to handle all these inconveniences or problems.

If you are not able to handle these inconveniences it will make your travel and time on the road almost unbearable. In some parts of the world, it could also be dangerous. So make sure you are healthy enough to handle the rigors of travel, especially international travel.

It is also important that you have all your insurance in place before you travel. A good medical insurance policy is not optional, but a necessary expense. Find out more about how to find good emergency medical care when you are overseas by reading the blog Overseas Medical Emergency, How to Find Qualified Medical Care 101 by clicking here.

Have the Income You Need Already in Place.

This last one is tip is really just common sense, but if you are going to travel you will need to have the money for the travel or have a business that you know will pay you enough while you are traveling. If you do not have the money then you should wait until you are at the point in your life or business when this possible.

Travel can always be a lot more expensive than what you may think it is. Emergencies can happen. Plans can fall through. You need to have enough money for not just your travel expenses but also any emergencies.

Make sure before you travel that all your finances are in place. The time to do this is before you hit the road, not while you are on the road traveling.

Traveling and running a successful business can be an amazing way of life. But in order for you to be successful at being able to travel and run a successful business, it must take careful preparation and planning.

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