6 Tips To Survive and Thrive Despite Uncertainty in Life

6 Tips To Survive and Deal with Uncertainty in Life

One of the most difficult things in life is understanding how we can survive and thrive through the unknown parts of our life. This era of COVID has, for many, given us a sense of uncertainty we have never felt before. Once we felt certain about things, now we are not so sure.

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Living with uncertainty is perhaps one of the hardest parts of living life. Not everyone handles uncertainty the same way. 6 tips you to help you thrive through uncertainty are: 1) look uncertainty right in the eyes, 2) stop trying to control others, 3) learn to accept uncertainty as a part of life, 4) learn to focus on what you can control in life, 5) find healthy ways to manage stress and 6) use meditation and religion to deal with uncertainty.

Living the life of an ex-pat has taught me that life is filled with uncertainty and that the best thing I can do is find a way to deal with that uncertainty in life.

Uncertainty and Living Life

Uncertainty is part of living life and perhaps one of the hardest parts of life. The COVID pandemic has brought this closer to home for many of us. We maybe did not lose our jobs, but we know people who have. We have heard of people who have gotten evicted or even those who have committed suicide as they could not handle the stresses of life.

Not everyone handles uncertainty in life the same way. Here are a few things to do about uncertainty:

  • Not Everyone is the Same – Some people handle uncertainty better than others. Some people love to take risks and to live with unpredictability, while others cannot.
  • Some Will Feel Overwhelmed – Others will feel overwhelmed. Even if they are not at risk of losing their jobs, their homes, or their future. But they may feel overwhelmed by all the uncertainty around them.
  • Some People Cannot Handle Change – Not everyone will handle change the same. Some people can handle change in their lives much easier than others.

We all must understand when dealing with others so we can do so with love and compassion. There will be those who feel hopeless about their uncontrollable circumstances around them, even if what is happening does not directly impact them.

I have seen this as I have heard of family members and others who have decided that they would rather stay homes during the entire COVID pandemic and not come out until they are 100% sure the “coast is clear for them to come out of their homes.”

The truth is the “coast” may never be clear for them to come out of their homes. There can always be a pandemic, viruses, and other things out there that will need to be dealt with. There will always be uncertainty.

Here Are Our Top 6 Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive During Times of Uncertainty in Life

6 Tips To Survive and Deal with Uncertainty in Life

Tip 1 – Look Uncertainty Right In Eyes

One thing being an ex-pat and living overseas has taught me is that uncertainty is always there. I have lived in so many third-world countries where changes that impact my life will happen at a moment’s notice.

When those changes happen, I have screamed, complained, and even tried to ignore them. But what I have learned is that I had to look uncertainty right in the eyes and find a way to solve the issue.

For example, the government may pass a new law that will impact us, and they will not even bother to tell anyone about the law until the law comes into force. Suddenly I may be required to pay a fine for a law I had no idea existed or was even relevant. In times like that, we have no choice but to look at that uncertainty right in the eyes and deal with the problem.

Here are things to help you look uncertainty right in the eyes:

Stop Procrastinating

One of the big ways that people do not handle uncertainty is that they procrastinate. Maybe they do not decide as they hope that somehow it will all magically go away.

The truth is that most times, procrastination just makes the problem worse than it would have been if we would have acted sooner. And usually, it makes the problem last longer than it should have.

Stop Pretending It Is Not Real

Another form of not dealing with uncertainty is simply pretending it is not a problem, so you do nothing at all. You may talk yourself and others into saying it does not matter, and it is just not real, so we do not need to worry about it. If you feel like a miracle will happen, so you are waiting for that miracle to come about any day now, so you do nothing.

6 Tips To Survive and Deal with Uncertainty in Life

Tip 2 – Stop Trying to Control Others to Handle or Deal With Your Uncertainty

When uncertainty in life come, we want to bury our heads in our pillow, cry ourselves to sleep, and then wake up when it is all over. The truth is it may never really be over. This could be a new reality that we will need to learn to deal with.

Or we may try to control others to ensure that certainty does not happen. So we spend all our effort, time, and worry about controlling people we can never control.

Here are some ways we may try to control others to handle uncertainty:

Seeking Constant Reassurance

Do you make a decision and then excessively ask people, “Do you think I made the right decision? “.Or “What do you think about my decision?”

Or maybe you are endlessly researching a topic online or asking those you consider experts hoping they will decide for you.

This is all just a way for you to try to take the decision making away from yourself and put it in the hands of someone else so that you are not really responsible for the decision or go wrong.

The truth is that even if you try to give that decision to someone else, you are still ultimately responsible for all your decisions. So you should make a decision, take responsibility, and live with any consequences – good or bad.

Micromanaging People

One of the hardest things I have had to learn in running my own business was to allow people to make their own decisions and make their own mistakes. This the same thing that a parent must learn with a child. They may want to micromanage them and try to force them to make the right decision, but this kind of behavior never works.

Worse, you may try to force others to change their behavior so that you can try to have more certainty in your life and ensure life is more predictable for you. This may give you comfort for a while, but it is not a long term solution for dealing with your life uncertainties.

Trying to Leave it Up To God

Others may take the other extreme and expect that God will tell them everything to do if they pray. Everything from where to go that day, what to buy, who to talk to, etc. This is also a way for you to try to give your life responsibility to someone else; in this case, it is a higher being – God.

You somehow expect or want God to give you the miracle of parting the Red Sea right in your front yard. You expect these miracles to happen in life without you having to do anything but believe in God.

6 Tips To Survive and Deal with Uncertainty in Life

Tip 3 – Learn to Accept Uncertainty as a Part of Life

Uncertainty is a part of life. Each time you get in a car and drive somewhere, go to a place to eat, or even go outside your house, something could happen. It is all part of life and living. Yes, sometimes bad things can and do happen, but most other times, they do not.

Whether we really like it or not, uncertainty is part of life and part of living life. Life has risks associated with it. If you go outside your house and get in a car and stop at a red light, you cannot be 100% sure others also stop. If you eat at a restaurant, you are not 100% sure you will not get sick. If you walk outside your house, you are not 100% sure what will happen.

Life has risks we cannot always control. That is just a fact of life and living.

6 Tips To Survive and Deal with Uncertainty in Life

Tip 4 – Focus on What You Can Control

Many times we worry about uncertainty as we are focused on things we cannot control. We are worried or obsessed with another person as we can not control them and their actions. Other times we may be worried about world events, even though it is very little we can do about them.

To deal with uncertainty focus on what you can and are able to control in life, not who or what you cannot control. Here are some facts:

You Can Only Control Yourself

The truth is that you can only really control yourself. You can not control your spouse, children, co-workers, neighbors, or friends. The only person you can really control in life is yourself.

You Cannot Control World Events

This may seem very obvious, but the truth is that you cannot control what is happening in the world or much less your own neighborhood. All you can do is decide the best way to deal with what is happening in your life at the moment.

6 Tips To Survive and Deal with Uncertainty in Life

Tip 5 – Find Healthy Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety

Find healthy ways in your life to manage your stress and anxiety, and this will in turn help you better manage uncertainty.

Here are some positive ways you can manage your stress and anxiety, which will help you better deal with uncertainty:


It has been shown that exercise can help to increase your overall health and well being.

Here are some ways that exercise can help you with stress and anxiety

  • Pumps up your good endorphins – Daily exercise will help you to pump up your daily good endorphins. This, in turn, helps your mood and helps you to feel good. That better mood will give you clarify in making better decisions in life.
  • Meditation in Motion – Exercise is considered to be meditation in motion. When you are exercising, you are usually thinking about exercise and not your problems and worries.
  • It improves your sleep – Studies have shown that those that exercise will improve your sleep.


Get plenty of sleep and be on a set sleep schedule as much as you can. I find that getting a good night’s rest and getting to bed at a decent hour really helps me the following day since I am not tired, but I also feel better about myself and life.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Eating and maintaining a healthy diet can help you to not only maintain but also prevent mood swings. Your diet has been shown to affect your mood. Learn to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid sugary and processed foods.

6 Tips To Survive and Deal with Uncertainty in Life

Tip 6 -Practice Meditation and Religion In Your Life

Studies have shown that having a daily practice of meditation and/or having religion in your life can help you cope with uncertainty and cope better in life.

In a study on religion and health, Dr. Harold G. Koenig, director of the Center for Spirituality, Theology, and Health at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina, discovered the following:

“People who are more involved in religious practices and who are more religiously committed seem to cope better with stress. One of the reasons is because [religion] gives people a sense of purpose and meaning in life, and that helps them to make sense of negative things that happen to them. A person’s religious community can also provide support and encouragement through hard times.”

Dr. Harold G. Koenig

Your belief in religion, your religious community, and your belief in God can support and encourage you through the hard times, including those times of uncertainty.

Meditation is also known to help reduce stress and help people gain a focus in life that they would not have without meditation. This could be daily repeating a phrase; many Buddhist monks in the monastery repeat phases. Set aside a time for daily devotion, study, and prayers. They all help you to better deal with uncertainty and stress in life.

In times of uncertainty, knowing how to deal with change properly, anxiety, depression, or just the tough decisions you are being faced with, can help if you work to follow these six simple steps. If you work to find ways to really handle uncertainty in life, it can help make a difference in your ability to really live life to the very fullest.

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