What Does It Mean To Be A Global Citizen?

What Does It Mean To Be A Global Citizen?

Today we live in a world that is more interconnected than ever before. What happens in one part of the world can affect what happens in another region.

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Martin Luther King Jr Quotes Page 3

To “live your life as a global citizen” means to be globally-minded. Being a global citizen means that you see the world as one place. A global citizen is an adventurer at heart who loves all kinds of people. A global citizen understands the importance of building bridges in life, not walls.

Here are some of the top attributes any global citizen would have.

A Global Citizen Is Globally Minded

At the heart of being a global citizen is someone who is globally-minded. Just because someone travels around the world does not mean they are globally-minded.

Being globally-minded means that you are curious and want to know and explore and learn more about the world around you. A person who is a global citizen is globally-minded; they want to know more about the world they live in – the entire world – not just where they now live.

A Global Citizens Sees The World As One Place

A global citizen sees the world as one place. They understand cultural differences, language differences, and even race differences throughout the world. But it’s in the world where a global citizen looks for what they have in common with other people of the world; a global citizen will focus on similarities, not differences.

After all, we are all human and have some of the exact human needs. We are born into a family. We speak a language. We want to be loved or to find love in our lives. We want to have friends and to be accepted in our communities.

Understand The Differences

Global citizens will seek out and find what they have in common with the rest of the world and want to go out and explore the commonality and not the differences.

A Global Citizen Uses Technology

As technology advances, the parameters and barriers between countries become absent. Today you’re able to virtually travel and to see the world as never before.

You can have friends worldwide on your social media accounts if you choose. Like never before, you can use technology to explore the entire world.

Let’s say you want to learn to cook some Indian food; today, you can very quickly go online and find somebody who will teach you how to cook some of your favorite Indian dishes. If you want to learn about life in Africa, you can go online and find YouTube videos and other things that will teach you about life in Africa.

Travel Online

A global citizen understands that being a global citizen is not just about traveling to another country as a tourist but is actually about using technology to understand all aspects of the world. Global citizen wants to learn about the world because they are curious about it, and they care about the planet in the world where we live.

A Global Citizen Is An Adventurer At Heart

A global citizen is an adventurer at heart. Face it, wanting to travel the world or traveling the world is an adventure.

Life is an adventure; a global citizen understands that a great experience is about exploring and learning about other places. To be a true global citizen, you are a true adventurer and explorer.

And this does not even have to be in to travel to another country, but it can be about someone who enjoys exploring and learning about their community, country, or hometown. It is about having that spirit of adventure to live life to the fullest.

A Global Citizen Loves People

At the heart of being a global citizen is people. A global citizen is someone who loves and enjoys people.

One of my favorite things to do is meet somebody from another culture or another place is to learn about their lives. I have found that as I have sat down and listened to others, I have learned so much, and in the process, my life has been richly blessed.

When I was in college and took time off to backpack around Europe and China some summers, one of the things that I enjoyed most about my travels was the people I met along the way. I met incredible individuals who were having some amazing adventures with their travels.

I also cherished the time I spent getting to know and experience the local culture and the country I was traveling to. Many of my fondest memories are with the people I met along the way. They touched my life in such an unexpected and powerful way.

And today, over 30 years later, many of the same individuals I met in my travels still consider them some of my dearest friends.

Role of a Global Citizen

A global citizen understands that it is the people, and getting to know those people makes all the difference in the world.

A Global Citizen Is A Bridge Builder

A global citizen is a bridge builder. The heart of being a global citizen is about looking at ways to build bridges in life and not build walls.

As you travel the world, you learn that you will come across and meet people who may think completely different from what you do. As I have traveled the world, I have found that it is OK and even healthy to meet others who may not think the same as me. I have found that I can try to find something that we have in common or understand their point of view.

A global citizen would look for ways to build bridges of understanding with the people around them and not put up barriers or a wall. A global citizen basks in the similarities of life and not the differences.

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