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What Are The Obligations Of A Global Citizen? - A Bus On a Dusty Road

What Are The Obligations Of A Global Citizen?

What Are The Obligations Of A Global Citizen?

Living your life as a global citizen is a great way to live. Exploring, understanding, and learning about new cultures, people and countries will help to make your life rich and fulfilling.

When living as a global citizen, you must consider some obligations. The United Nations has a declaration known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which lists the fundamental human rights of every individual that lives on the earth. As global citizens, we should take this seriously, especially as we discover the six significant obligations of every global citizen.

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Global Citizen Obligations – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Being a global citizen also comes with understanding fundamental human rights and human dignity. In 1948 the United Nations General assembly adopted what is known as a Universal Definition of Human Rights.

Article one of the Universal Declaration On Human Rights says:

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

ARticle 1 – Universal Declaratoin Of Human Rights

This landmark document outlined a universal declaration that all human beings should be granted individual liberty, equality, and equity. Over time, some changes have occurred, most notably in our global society’s political, economic, and social fabric.

As our society has changed and emerged, other rights, such as digital access rights, LGBTQ rights, and environmental rights, have also become important. But no matter what changes have occurred, the theme that runs through this historical document is the rights and dignity of every human living on the earth.

What Are The Obligations Of A Global Citizen?

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Here are some of the essential obligations that every global citizen in our world community should look at and consider as important.

1) Obligation To Understand Your Own And Other’s Perspective

Almost all cultural misunderstandings worldwide have multiple ethnic, social, political, and economic perspectives attached to that misunderstanding. This is why cultural misunderstandings can often be very politically heated and challenging to solve.

Global citizens understand their obligation to bridge the gap between the different perspectives and promote a problem-solving consensus. Rarely in life, when there are issues, one person is entirely correct, and one is entirely wrong.

A global citizen must understand another person’s perspective and the perspective of others on global issues.

2) Global Citizen Respect Cultural Diversity

A global citizen understands the obligation to respect the principle of cultural diversity. We live in a world made up of many different cultural belief systems.

These different cultural belief systems bring value and add to our global understanding. In short, they help make the world a vibrant and exciting place.

A global citizen understands the obligation to respect the world’s different cultural traditions and to make an effort to bring together leaders, individuals, and communities of different cultural traditions. After all, the one thing we all have in common is our humanity.

3) Global Citizens Make Global Relationships And Connections

A global citizen understands the responsibility to connect and build relationships with people from all other countries and cultures. Global citizens strive to reach out and make these relationships even with countries and cultures they may not understand.

The Internet and our virtual world offer a range of opportunities to connect with people from all different countries and cultures worldwide. So without even traveling abroad, a global citizen can build a network of individuals and groups of people in helping to make the world a more culturally and globally inclusive.

4) Understand Global Interconnection and Interdependent

A global citizen understands that the world, including the people and countries, is interconnected and interdependent. Global citizens are responsible for understanding how their lives are interconnected with people and countries in different parts of the world.

For example, a global citizen understands that the global environmental issues in their country can affect the environment in another country. Today this world is becoming more interconnected and interdependent than ever before.

The recent global pandemic has shown us how interconnected and interdependent the world is. The virus quickly spread from country to country. The global pandemic has shown us that we are indeed interconnected and interdependent.

5) Obligation To Understand Global Issues

Global citizen understands their obligation to understand global issues. They start to understand global issues by seeking to understand the world.

Today with the Internet, it is easier than ever to get news and information from all parts of the world. A global citizen seeks to understand significant world issues around the world.

6) A Global Citizen Is A World Advocate

A global citizen understands the importance of becoming an advocate for the world. A global citizen is an advocate for greater international cooperation with other nations. A global citizen is an advocate of cultural understanding.

A global citizen understands the importance of becoming a world advocate. They know their obligation to bridge the gap and help others, even those in their culture, hometown, or family, to understand people and countries of the world.

Being a global citizen is not a burden but an opportunity to teach and help others understand what a great and beautiful world is. A global citizen does not necessarily need to travel but should be an individual who is interested in the world and the people, culture, and places throughout this incredible world in which we live.

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What Are The Obligations Of A Global Citizen?