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Iceland’s Ring Road – Conquer Virtual Challenge

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If you’re not able to travel to Iceland but have always wanted to go there, you can virtually travel through Iceland with The Conqueror Virtual Challenge. The Conquer Virtual Challenge has this one: the Challenges Iceland’s Ring Road.

The Conquer Virtual Challenge goes around the entire Ring Road of Iceland. You can travel the 828 miles while you virtually see and learn about many of Iceland’s Ring Road sites. By virtually traveling Iceland’s Ring Road, you can make every mile you count towards your goal to complete the virtual travel of the Ring Road.

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About Iceland’s Ring Road

Iceland has one main road known as route one for the Icelandic Ring Road. This ring road goes all the way around the island and is 1332 kilometers or 828 miles long.

Traveling along the Ring Road allows you to see all the regions of Iceland just by driving one single road. It is hard to get lost as there is just one road around all of Iceland.

The Ring Road will connect the capital city of Reykjavik with the second largest city of Akureyri in the north of the country. It will also go through many other smaller towns and cities.

Iceland’s Ring Road was opened in 1974 and the opening of Iceland’s longest bridge; the bridge crosses the Skeioara river located in southeastern Iceland. In 1998 a tunnel below the fjord of Hvalfjorour helped shorten the drive around the ring road by about 1 hour.

The ring road also has other tunnels that help ensure that drive around the ring road is also shortened.

If you want to travel Iceland’s Ring Road but just do not have time, you can learn about Iceland as you virtually travel Iceland’s Ring Road with the Conquer Virtual Challenge. 

The Conquer Virtual Challenge And Iceland’s Ring Road

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is a great way to see another part of the world without traveling there. It is a great way to do all the miles of the ring road and virtually see the landscape and other sites along the ring road without ever traveling to Iceland.

A screenshot of the Conquer Virtual Challenge app where it shows that
I traveled Iceland’s Ring Road virtually

I have been doing the Iceland Ring Road with The Conqueror Virtual Challenge. I decided to put in all of my daily steps and walking miles as part of my travel around Iceland’s ring road. 

Each day, I will look at the total amount of steps I have done during the day, and then I will put them into the Conquer Virtual Challenge app and move along Iceland’s ring road.

My favorite thing to do as I’m traveling along Iceland Ring Road is to virtually see where I am going by using Google Maps. I have been able to get a feel for the landscape and countryside of Iceland as I am traveling along Iceland’s Ring Road.

Of course, it is not the same as actually being in Iceland and driving along the ring road, but not all of us have the luxury to constantly travel to see new places around the world. Being able to travel to Iceland and experience the ring road virtually is the next best thing.

Here are some of the reasons why virtually traveling Iceland’s Ring Road with the Conquer Virtual Challenge is a great thing to do:

  • Learn About Iceland – Before I started my virtual travel of Iceland’s Ring Road, I did not know much about Iceland. But as I have been traveling along the road, the Conquer Virtual Challenge will send me postcards to tell me about landmarks or sites that I am passing; I have started to learn more about Iceland’s history, culture, land, and people.
  • Virtually Experience The Ring Road – I am not sure if I will get to Iceland, and if I do, I am not sure if I would have the days required to see and explore Iceland’s Ring Road. So virtually being able to travel the ring road is the next best thing for me. I can still virtually experience and see Iceland.
  • Make Every Mile Count – The Conqueror Virtual Challenge believes that we should try to make every my account. This is one of the things I love about the Conquer Virtual Challenge; every step I take every day will count towards me moving along Iceland’s ring road. I am, of course, doing it much slower than if I was driving the road, but I am still doing the same amount of miles as someone driving the same route on the ring road.
  • Get a Great Medal When Finished – What are the great things is that when you finish the Conquer Virtual Challenge of Iceland’s Ring Road, the Conquer Virtual Challenge will send you a medal to say that you completed the distance.

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You can also try to virtually travel Iceland’s ring road through The Conqueror Virtual Challenge. It is a great way to virtually see and experience Iceland and other parts of the world.

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My Experience With The Conquer Virtual Challenge

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Is The Conqueror Virtual Challenge Legit? 10 Things to Know And Understand

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is 100% legit. Upon completing a challenge, you will receive a medal to acknowledge that you have completed the challenge. You can also pay extra to get a T-shirt or purchase merchandise. Even though this challenge is 100% virtual, it is an excellent way to virtually experience different parts of the world.

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What Is A Virtual Challenge?

A virtual challenge you do virtually by posting your mileage into an app or on your computer. You can run, walk, swim, cycle, step, or exercise at your own pace as you move along a specified route on a map. You can do it individually, as a team, or as a community.

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