Is The Conqueror Virtual Challenge Legit? 10 Things to Know And Understand

When people sign up for the Conquer Virtual Challenge they want to know if the Conquer Virtual Challenge is really legit. Some want to know if they lose money or if a Virtual Challenge gives you a real medal and award. I have done several Conqueror Virtual Challenges.

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Conquer Virtual Vs. Pacer Virtual Challenge Medal Comparison

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is 100% legit. Upon completing a challenge, you will receive a medal as an acknowledgment that you have completed the challenge. You can also pay extra to get a T-shirt or to purchase some other merchandise. Even though this challenge is 100% virtual, it is a great way to virtually experience other parts of the world.

As with any kind of virtual challenge, there are a few things that you should understand. Here are 10 things to know and understand about the Conquer Virtual Challenge.

1 – When You Pay Your Money You Get Full Access

A Virtual Challenge is a paid program, similar to signing up for a local community race. You need to pay the full amount for the program, and then you will get access to their system; if you want to do the challenge, you need to pay at least the minimum fee to get access to record your mileage into their system.

I have found their computer program quite easy and flexible to use. This is one of the things that I like about their program.

2- The Challenge is Based On The Honor System

The challenge is based on the honor system. This means that you put in your own mileage or connect the program to an app such as a Fitbit or Strava.

I like to go into the Conquer Virtual Challenge system each day after exercising to record my mileage manually. This is because I really enjoy seeing how far I have come on my challenge. Inputting the data into their system is based on the honor system; how, when, and where you input it is completely up to you.

3- You Are Responsible To Put In Your Data

You are also responsible to put all of your own data into their system. A friend and I are on a team, she collects all of her data and then puts it in at one time. I like to record mine every day and then put it in daily. Others have it automatically recorded from a fitness app.

No matter how you decide to record your data you need to understand that you will be responsible to make sure that the data is either automatically recorded or you manually put it in.

4- You Can Add More Time to Your Challenge

When you start on a challenge, they will ask you how long you think it will take you. This is not like a race where you only have so much time. With the Conquer Virtual Challenge, you can easily add more time to complete the challenge if you need to.

I really appreciate the flexibility of this, as sometimes things happen in life to slow you down. I love how they want you to be successful so they allow you to adjust the time frame.

5 – You Will Virtually Travel To Places

As the name implies, this challenge is a virtual challenge; you are virtually traveling to a place to complete the challenge. You will do the same distance as if you hiked up the Inca Trail in Peru or Hadrian’s Wall in England.

The challenge has allowed me to travel to these parts of the world virtually. The Conquer Virtual Challenge will send me postcards at certain points of my travel and tell me a little bit about where I just passed through or what I am seeing.

6- You Can Make a Team, Join A Group or Do Your Own Challenge

You can join the Virtual Conquer Challenge on your own; you can make a team; you can also join a group or do your own challenge. The program is actually quite flexible for you to decide what you want to do and how you want to do it.

A friend and I have our own team. Because we can see who is ahead or who is behind, we have a bit of friendly competition going. For me, this is a great motivator.

7- Great Motivator

I found the Conquer Virtual Challenges to be a great motivator in my fitness goals. There are many times when I think I do not want to get up to exercise, but then I think about how I need to get up because I need to be able to add some miles to the challenge; it helps to motivate me.

I have my medals hanging on my bedroom wall so I can look at them every day and remind myself to get up and try to collect some more medals. For me, this kind of focus helps to motivate me in my exercise goals.

8 – Great Way To See and Learn About Another Place

One of my favorite things about the Conquer Virtual Challenge is that there is a street view on most of their challenges. On this street view, you can literally see where you are and what your surroundings look like.

Many times I am in the middle of the freeway. Other times I might be on a very nice country road. A few times, I have been on a beautiful coastline near a lovely fish’n chips shop. I have really enjoyed virtually getting a feel of where I am at the moment of my travels.

9 – Your Medal is Sent In A Timely Manner

When you complete a medal, it is sent to you promptly. I live in Hanoi, Vietnam, so I was a bit worried about whether I would actually get my medal. I am pleased to announce that my medal did arrive in a relatively timely manner through the Vietnamese post.

If my medals could arrive to me via the Vietnamese post, almost everyone should also receive their medals. The medals came in a very nice box and package.

10 – It Is Just Plain Fun

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is just plain fun. It is not only a great way to motivate yourself, but it is also fun to be able to tell people that you virtually swam the English Channel or you virtually bike through England and Scotland.

Some people may feel it is not really legit or really a challenge because it is all virtual. That is further from the truth. No matter whether you do the miles in the USA or Germany – you are doing the same amount of miles as if you completed the same route in person.

If anyone tells you that a Virtual Challenge does not really count because it is all virtual and a not in-person challenge – I would just smile at them and say thank you very much for your opinion but I did do all the same miles as someone who would have done it in person. What matters most is how you feel about the challenge and how you feel about what you have accomplished.

Sign Up For A Challenge Today!

The cost to do a Conquer Virtual Challenge is very reasonable. The basic cost is 29.95 if you only want to do the challenge and get the medal. If you also want to include a T-shirt, it is 59.95 USD.

They offer quite a few different discounts. To get an automatic 10% discount on your challenge, click and sign up with this link. You can discover more by clicking here.

As a bonus, The Conquer Virtual Challenge has a very active Facebook group. You can use Facebook to stay up-to-date on the news about the challenges and what others are doing. To join The Conquer Virtual Challenge Facebook page or discover more by clicking here.

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