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10 Benefits of Virtual Challenges & Virtual Races

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I have completed several virtual challenges and found it a great way to get in shape and virtually travel the world. Getting a medal at the end of my challenge is a great motivator.

With a virtual challenge, you can race at your own pace and against yourself or with a group of friends. Most importantly, you keep moving forward to reach your goals. When you complete the virtual challenge, you have a great sense of accomplishment; you will receive a medal or certificate acknowledging that you have completed the challenge. There are so many benefits to doing a virtual challenge. Here are some of our top 11 benefits of doing a virtual challenge or a virtual race.

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Map of England
Lands End, John O’Groats – Length of the UK – Conquer Virtual Challenge

Our 10 Top Benefits of Virtual Fitness Challenges and Virtual Races

More and more people are taking advantage of the fitness boom by participating in virtual challenges and races. Whether seeking a fun competition or an accessible way to stay active, these innovative methods offer convenience, motivation, and camaraderie that traditional events can’t match.

From being able to walk your own course at any pace to customizing the challenge or race according to personal needs, many benefits are available by signing up for one of these creative options.

Read on to discover the top 10 benefits of a virtual fitness challenge and virtual races.

1 – Race At Your Own Pace With A Virtual Fitness Challenge

Virtual challenges are exactly as they say; they allow you to race, walk, run, swim, or bike – whatever you want to do, completely at your own pace. You can have a community or group you race against or do it completely on your own and challenge yourself.

I have done virtual challenges both ways; sometimes, I will do the challenge with a group of friends, and other times I will challenge myself. The great thing I love about virtual challenges is that I can do them completely at my own pace.

With a virtual challenge, it does not matter how fast or slow you go. What is important is that you are going forward and in the right direction. I have seen people who quickly do virtual challenges and take their time. I have also seen people with physical limitations doing a challenge daily; this challenge is for everyone.

2 – Virtually Travel With A Group Of Friends

The virtual challenge usually allows you to set up a team or community and challenge with a group of friends. As a team, you join together and jointly record the mileage with your teammates to complete the challenge. As a community, each person individually posts their miles, and you race against each other.

What is fun about this is that even though you and your friends may be from different states or countries, you can still connect as you watch each other complete the course as outlined on the map each day. This is something that I enjoy. Being able to complete these virtual challenges together with some friends or family.

3 – A Virtual Challenge Helps You Get Fit And Reach Your Fitness Goals

A virtual challenge can help you get fit and reach your fitness goal. There are many mornings when my alarm clock goes off, and I am lying in bed, I wonder if I want to get up and walk, bike, swim, or even exercise. I remember my virtual challenge goals, and I need to get out of bed to log some more miles.

Doing a virtual challenge is an excellent motivator for me to get moving and keep on moving. It is a great way to help me to reach my fitness goals.

4 – Every Mile Virtually Counts On A Virtual Challenge

The great thing about doing a virtual challenge is that you can virtually count every mile towards your goal. I love this about the challenge and that it can help motivate me to get out to walk or do something because I know that the miles will count for something.

Some virtual races may have you complete the challenge within a certain amount of time; others virtual challenges allow you to extend the days if needed. Most importantly, you log the miles and keep moving toward your goal.

5 – Great Way To Challenge Yourself Physically

A virtual challenge helps me to challenge and push myself. Each day I try to push myself to go a little further or faster.

A virtual challenge is that extra motivation that helps you to push and challenge yourself. A virtual challenge is a great way to challenge yourself and reach your fitness goals.

6 – Great Sense of Accomplishment When You Complete A Challenge

Competing in a virtual challenge gives you a great sense of accomplishment. I received my first medal for my first virtual challenge and felt such a great sense of accomplishment. I took on something as difficult as this virtual challenge and completed it.

Two medals for virtual challenges
Pacer Medal for Easter Island and Conquer Virtual Challenge for Inca Trail.

7 – You Get a Pretty Cool Medal When You Complete a Virtual Challenge or Race

There are some pretty cool medals that the virtual challenges have. I love to collect them as I get such a sense of accomplishment for them.

I know not everyone likes getting a medal, but I love them because I hang them up in my bedroom daily to remember why I need to get up, exercise, and get out the door.

If you are like me and getting pretty cool medals helps to motivate you, this is a great way to help you stay motivated. The Conqueror Challenge has some great citations. They also have other great merchandise like T-shirts and other things you can purchase to brag about your challenge. You can find out more by clicking here.

8 – Travel The World Virtually

One of the great things about virtual challenges is that you can travel virtually. Today, you can virtually travel to England and Iceland, climb Mount Everest or visit Peru using technology.

You can also go onto Google Maps and virtually see where you are now traveling. I love and appreciate this part of the challenge.

9 – Virtually Learn About The World

Most of the virtual challenges also teach you about the world as you virtually travel your route. The Conquer virtual app will send you postcards along your journey, teaching you about the areas you are virtually traveling. Pacer Challenges has a lot of information on their app that will tell you about the place you are virtually traveling to.

Doing a virtual challenge helps you not only reach your fitness goals but it helps you to learn and explore a new part of the world,

10 – A Virtual Challenge Or Race Is A Fun Thing To Do

Doing a virtual challenge is an enjoyable thing to do. It is a great way to join a community of like-minded people and virtually travel with them. For example, the Conqueror challenge has a really great Facebook group where people will post motivating messages about their virtual challenges.

If you want to get yourself off the couch and exercise, doing a virtual challenge is a great way to keep motivated and moving. One of the best things about a virtual challenge is that you can do it at your own pace, you can do it alone, or do it with a group of friends; it really doesn’t matter how you do it but that you get off the couch and start to do it.

Sign Up For A Virtual Challenge Today!

I have done several challenges with different virtual companies; I recommend the Conqueror Challenge. I have found them highly professional, and I like their app and how the program works.

The Conquer Challenge’s cost is very reasonable. The basic cost is $29.95 if you only want to do the challenge and get the medal. If you also want to include a T-shirt, it is $59.95. They also offer other kinds of merchandise.

To receive an automatic 10% discount on your challenge, click and sign up with this link. You can discover more by clicking here.

As a bonus, The Conquer Virtual Challenge has a very active Facebook group. You can use Facebook to stay up-to-date on the news about the challenges and what others are doing. To join The Conquer Virtual Challenge Facebook page or discover more by clicking here. They have another Facebook page that is only for those on the challenge.

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What Is The Conquer Virtual Challenge?

The Conquer Virtual Challenge, also known as My Virtual Mission, is an online platform that allows you to travel the world as you log miles virtually you have traveled (usually through swimming, hiking, biking, cycling, running, rowing, elliptical, walking, or even in a wheelchair). It is a great way to stay motivated and exercise while logging your miles to virtually see other parts of the world.

You can learn more by reading The Conquer Virtual Challenge Or My Virtual Mission – Virtual Travel by clicking here.

Is The Conqueror Virtual Challenge Legit?

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is 100% legit. Upon completing a challenge, you will receive a medal as an acknowledgment that you have completed the challenge. You can also pay extra to get a T-shirt or purchase other merchandise. Even though this challenge is 100% virtual, it is a great way to experience other parts of the world virtually.

You can read more by reading Is The Conqueror Virtual Challenge Legit? 10 Things to Know And Understand by clicking here.

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