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The Conquer Virtual Mission Review

Like many people during the coronaviruses’ time, I cannot travel; I have been itching to try to go somewhere or see something new. The Conquer Virtual Challenge has been a great way to see parts of the world without leaving town.

Conquer Virtual Vs. Pacer Virtual C...
Conquer Virtual Vs. Pacer Virtual Challenge Medal Comparison

The Conquer Virtual Challenge, also known as My Virtual Mission, is an online platform that allows you to travel the world as you log miles virtually you have traveled (usually through swimming, hiking, biking, cycling, running, rowing, elliptical, walking, or even in a wheelchair). It is a great way to stay motivated and exercise while logging your miles to see other parts of the world virtually.

When you complete a virtual challenge, they send you a very nice medal for all your hard work. You can also order a t-shirt about the virtual challenge you have completed.

Doing online virtual challenges helps to keep me motivated. I love being able to view their interactive map and see where I am traveling virtually in another part of the world.

My Review of the Conquer Virtual Challenge or My Virtual Mission:

Web Platform And Ease of Use

My Virtual Mission or The Conquer Virtual Challenge setup is relatively straightforward. You sign up, pay the fee, and set a goal date to complete your mission. Then you can start to record your mileage for your virtual challenge.

You do not need to worry too much about the challenge goal date you set, as you can change it at any time. The challenge goal date is there to help you with your goal.

There is also a My Virtual Mission app that you can download to use on a phone or Ipad. I have downloaded the app on my iPad. I appreciate how I can put my mileage data through the app on my iPad or computer. This helps make it easier to record your data.

Joining a Community.

My friend Carrie and I joined the Conquer Virtual Challenge together; we wanted to be our own community so that the map would show where we are and not everyone else we did not know.

For your community, you will set a name. Not everyone can join your community; you need to give them a code or invite them to join.

To set up a community on My Virtual Mission, I contacted Tech Support to set up our virtual mission community. Tech Support did answer very quickly, but I would think if there were a way that I could have done it myself without contacting Tech Support would have been easier.

I hope allowing people to set up their own community online is something they can improve in the future, making the user experience better. I would really like to see users set up a community without having to contact tech-support to do it for them.

The Conquer Virtual Mission Review - The Map View Feature
The Conquer Virtual Mission Review – The Map View Feature

Can Control Your Data

The My Virtual Mission App allows you to control your data as:

  1. Time Zone – You can set the time zone you want to post as.
  2. Mileage – You can choose which format of mileage you want to logins such as miles or kilometers.
  3. Currency – If you are using this as a platform to raise money for a charity or cause, you can choose what currency you will use.
  4. Privacy Controls – You have complete control of your privacy as you can control what others see or do not see.
  5. Set Exercises – You can also set up the system to use one particular exercise for one specific challenge.

The Conquer Virtual Challenge gives you controls of what people can see on your profile and challenges. I did not set up any privacy controls, but there may be people who want to keep their challenge completely private.

Set Up Your Own Challenge or Race

The Conquer Virtual Challenge allows you to set up your own challenge or race with a specific group of people. Some companies are using the Conquer Virtual Challenge platform to set up a fitness challenge within their companies. Clubs also use it as a way to have a fitness challenge for their own club.

The Conquer Virtual Challenge also has a fundraising function. A challenge can be set up for you to raise funds for a charity or a cause.

Two Names A Bit Confusing

I find the use of the two names, i.e., The Conquer Virtual Challenge and My Virtual Mission, to be confusing; at least it was for me when I first started using their platform. You sign up on The Conqueror Virtual Challenge, but you are putting data on the My Virtual Mission app. I found the use of two names to be quite confusing.

For example, when I want to sign up for a new mission, I need to go to the Conquer Virtual Challenge page to sign up for the challenge. But to input the data, I go to another website, My Virtual Mission. I find the name change and extra steps in the process confusing.

Posting On My Virtual Mission

There are several ways you can post your mileage on My Virtual Mission for your challenges. One way is that you can set the system to automatically post your distance with Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, Runkeeper, or the Underarmor App.

I really do not use any of these apps except Strava to record my cycling routes and mileage. For all my other exercises, I use the Apple fitness app. So I must manually upload my mileage. I usually photograph my Apple fitness data and then manually input the data into their system.

Another aspect of posting on My Virtual Mission is that when you complete 10%, 50%, or some other markers, they will congratulate you. I love that as I feel good about my accomplishments.

The Conquer Virtual Mission Review
The Conquer Virtual Mission Review – The Street View Feature

Can Virtually See Where You Are

One of my favorite features of The Conquer Virtual Challenge is that you can actually see where you are on the map as you turn the map street view. I find this an enjoyable way to see another part of the world.

Learn A Bit of History

When you get to a certain historical location, The Conquer Virtual Challenge website will send you a postcard with information about your location. I love learning about the places I am virtually traveling.

The Conquer Virtual Mission Review
The Conquer Virtual Mission – Example of Digital Postcards They Send to You.

Reasonably Priced

The cost to do a Conquer Virtual Challenge is very reasonable. The basic cost is 29.95 if you only want to do the challenge and get the medal. If you also want to include a T-shirt, it is 59.95 USD.

They offer quite a few different discounts. To get an automatic 10% discount on your challenge, click and sign up with this link. You can discover more by clicking here.

The Conquer Virtual Mission Review
The Conquer Virtual Mission – When You Reach these Milestones They Will Plant A Tree

Plant Trees When You Complete 20%

Each time you complete 20% of your challenge, The Conquer Virtual Challenge will plant a tree for you. I love this aspect of the challenge as I feel like my miles are also counting to do some good and saving the planet.

When You Complete Your Challenge You Get A Medal

When you complete your virtual challenge, they will send you a medal. I wasn’t quite sure how the medals’ sending would work, as now I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. But my medal arrived promptly, and it came in a very nice box.

I now have my medal hanging up in my room to remind me to keep going on my other challenges. I look forward to being able to collect more of the finisher’s medals.

The Conquer Virtual Mission Review - Medal Example
The Conquer Virtual Mission Review – Medal Example, I virtually swam the English Channel.

Facebook Group

As a bonus, The Conquer Virtual Challenge has a very active Facebook group. You can use Facebook to stay up-to-date on the news about the challenges and what others are doing. To join The Conquer Virtual Challenge Facebook page or discover more by clicking here.

5 Star Rating

I would give The Conquer Virtual Challenge a 5-Star Rating. The things I mentioned to improve would make the user experience a bit better, but overall I feel like it is a great way to virtually travel the world while logging in miles for your exercise. It has been a great motivator to keep going on my fitness goals and a great way to see other parts of the world virtually.

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