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Does Nordic Walking Actually Work?

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Put your walking shoes on because we’re about to explore the latest fitness trend – Nordic Walking. Have you ever heard of this exercise and wondered if it actually works? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We will talk about what Nordic Walking is all about and cover some evidence-based research that supports its effectiveness. Nordic walking has many health benefits, including 1) it will help your cardiovascular health and aerobic fitness, 2) it is a vigorous muscle workout, 3) it will help improve your walking posture, 4) it burns more calories than regular walking, and 5) is a fun sport to do.

Read on to go on the fitness journey of Nordic Walking.

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Nordic Walking Actually Works And Is A Great Fitness Exercise

Are you considering taking up Nordic walking but unsure if it’s worth the effort? You’re not alone! Many have heard of this type of walking and wondered whether it delivers on its promises.

Nordic Walking works because you are walking with poles it is a much better exercise than just walking alone. it is a good sport for people who suffer from bad knees or some other joint problems. As more people discover the health benefits of Nordic Walking, the popularity of Nordic Walking continues to increase.

I am not a doctor. So before starting any kind of new exercise program, please talk to your physician. I would suspect that most physicians would be happy if you started an exercise program like Nordic walking, but if you are unsure, please talk to your physician and get their professional advice.

Nordic Walking started officially in Finland in the late 1980s, making it a relatively new sport. Nordic Walking is starting to catch on in many places around the world. It continues to rise in popularity because of the added fitness benefits of Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking Is a Very Good Exercise
Nordic Walking Is a Very Good Exercise

Nordic Walking is A Great Cardiovascular Exercise

Nordic walking can help improve your aerobic or cardiovascular fitness. Nordic Walking is considered a wonderful cardiovascular exercise because walking with the Nordic Walking sticks helps to add another layer of cardiovascular and muscle fitness to your walking workout.

The movement of using the Nordic Walking poles while walking ensures that most of your muscles are used while Nordic Walking. Using these added muscles helps pump more oxygenated blood to all your muscles. This, in turn, helps improve your cardiovascular fitness level.

Nordic Walking is a cardiovascular fitness because walking with the Nordic Walking poles allows you to walk faster than you would typically walk without the Nordic Walking poles. This increase in walking speed directly impacts your cardiovascular fitness and health.

Here are some ways Nordic walking helps improve your cardiovascular fitness.

  • Strengthens Your Heart – One of the best cardiovascular benefits of exercise like Nordic walking is that it can help to be able to improve your heart and make it stronger. This, in turn, helps improve your overall cardiovascular health.
  • Reduces Other Health Risks – Like any good cardiovascular exercise, Nordic Walking helps reduce other cardiovascular health risks like heart disease or type two diabetes. It can help you to fight other health-destroying conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Nordic Walking Is A Vigorous Muscle Workout

One day I was in a hurry to get out the door to do my Nordic Walking, so I skipped a proper warm-up. The next day my entire body was sore. This is because Nordic Walking uses more muscle groups than walking without poles.

Nordic walking is a vigorous exercise. The reason is you are using far more muscles than you would use just by walking alone. This is also why we recommend that everyone warm up and warm down when doing Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking combines cardiovascular exercise with a vigorous muscle workout for your shoulders, arms, core, and legs. When you walk without poles, it activates mainly the muscles below your waist, but when you add Nordic walking poles to your walking, it activates all the upper body muscles as well.

Walking with Nordic Walking poles will give you a much better workout than walking without poles. Nordic Walking is a great way to activate more muscles than you would by just going out for a walk.

You Can Do Nordic Walking At Any Age
You Can Do Nordic Walking At Any Age

Nordic Walking Helps Your Walking Posture

One of the most essential things that Nordic walking does is help posture. As you plant your Nordic walking poles behind you, this helps keep your posture upright, and your chest open.

The movements of Nordic Walking also include rotating your upper body. The rotation of the upper body helps release tension in your neck and shoulders. Using the Nordic Walking poles reduces the impact walking can have on your joints.

I suffer from some bad knees. I have found that my knees do not hurt with Nordic Walking, and I can go further with the poles than without the Nordic Walking poles. As I also spend a lot of time working at my desk I find that Nordic Walking helps release a lot of the tension in my neck and shoulders.

Nordic Walking Burns More Calories

One of the added benefits of Nordic walking is that you will burn more calories than regular walking. As you increase your Nordic Walking speed and intensity, you will also burn more calories.

A person weighing 140 pounds (63 kilos) will burn about 200 calories on a regular walk. If that same person adds the Nordic Walking poles to their workout and walks at about the same pace, speed, and intensity, they will increase that calorie-burning rate to about 383 calories. That is an additional 183 calories.

Check out the Burn Calories website calculator to estimate the number of calories you can burn in Nordic Walking. You put in your weight and the amount of time you will Nordic Walk, and the website will automatically estimate the number of calories you will burn. Check out their calculator by clicking here.

Most people find that Nordic Walking allows them to go faster and further on their walks than without poles. This will also help them increase the calories they burn during their walks.

Nordic Walking Is A Fun Activity

Nordic Walking is not only good for you and your health, but it is a fun way to exercise. Many people use the poles in conjunction with hiking as they walk over unsteady ground.

One of the great ways to Nordic Walk is to find a group of like-minded people and walk with them. By walking with others, you can push each other faster and further.

As Nordic Walking starts to become more popular, Nordic Walking groups are starting to pop up all over the world. Here are some places you can look for groups:

  • International Nordic Walking Association – The International Nordic Walking Association, or INWA, is one of the leading Nordic Walking Associations. On their website, they have a place where you can find INWA-certified Nordic Walking Instructors. Visit the INWA website by clicking here.
  • American Nordic Walking Association – There is an American Nordic Walking Association that is based out of Los Angeles, California. You can find out more by going to their website by clicking here.
  • Nordic Walking UK – If you are living in the UK, Nordic Walking UK also has a lot of information and programs for Nordic Walkers. You can find out more by visiting their website by clicking here.
  • Bristol Nordic Walking – Bristol Nordic Walking in the UK also has a lot of information and weekly walks you can join. You can find out more by clicking here.

In answer to the question of whether Nordic walking works, the answer is YES. Nordic Walking is a great exercise with many added health benefits. It is also fun to do. By adding the Nordic Walking poles to your regular walking routine, you will add a lot of additional health benefits.

So put on your walking shoes, grab some Nordic Walking poles, and start Nordic Walking today!

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Where Do I Buy Nordic Walking Poles?

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If you are not able to do that you can check out these poles that are sold on Amazon. You should also get the rubber boot they have for the poles. as I have had them fall off or get lost and it is easier to use those on the pavement or if you are walking indoors. Find out more by clicking here.

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