How Do You Say Hello In Hawaiian And How It Is Traditionally Used?

How Do You Say “Hello” In Hawaiian And How It Is Traditionally Used?

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When you go to Hawaii, you may hear people say to you aloha. Some people may wonder what exactly does the word mean?

In Hawaii, people will greet you by saying hello or “aloha.” They may also use the word aloha to say goodbye. Aloha is the traditional greeting in the Hawaiian language for greedy people that are friends, family, or even strangers. But the word aloha means much more than just hello or goodbye; there are many traditional and cultural meanings inside the word.

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Aloha In Hawaiian Means Hello And Goodbye

The word ”Aloha” means hello and goodbye; many foreigners who visit Hawaii quickly learn it is a traditional Hawaiian greeting.

Aloha is from the Proto-Polynesian language and dates back to the early 1800s. When you break the word Aloha up, it means:

  • Alo – Means presence
  • Ha – Meaning breath.

Together the word Aloha means ”presence of breath” or the ”breath of life.” For some, the translation means the ”presence of divine breath.”

The meaning of this word does not stop there. Because actually, aloha has many different meanings and not just one purpose. Here are some other things that Aloha can also mean:

  • Alo – Can mean sharing
  • Oha – It shows friendship
  • Ha – Breath of life

The word Aloha can also mean sharing with our friends; in Hawaii, our friends become like our family.

In Hawaii, Aloha Is Traditionally Used To Say Hello and Goodbye

In the Hawaiian culture, the word “Aloha” means more than just hello and goodbye, but to the Hawaiians, Aloha means much more than just that. For the Hawaiians,” aloha” is more than just a greeting; for the Hawaiian people, it signifies a way of life – a way of living.

No word in English describes the whole meaning of aloha and what it means. This is because the word aloha traditionally means more than just hello and goodbye it is the spirit of the word that is important.

Here are some things that Aloha can also mean in Hawaii:

  • Aloha can mean love, peace, and compassion.
  • Aloha is about the presence of being.
  • Aloha signifies mutual understanding and respect.
  • Aloha means living in harmony with the people and land around you.
  • Aloha means to have mercy, sympathy, kindness, and grace.
  • Aloha shows mutual regard and affection.
  • Aloha is about warmth and caring for others.
  • Aloha signifies charity.

Quotes That Show The Hawaiian Spirit Of Aloha

Aloha is more than just hello and goodbye it is the spirit of the Hawaiian islands. It makes visiting Hawaii or even living there a wonderful place.

So important is this spirit of Aloha to the Hawaiian people that when you travel to Hawaii, you not only hear the word Aloha spoken, but you will see the word written all over the island.

The welcoming spirit of Aloha is part of the Hawaiian culture’s daily life and the essence of Hawaii.

Some of our favorite quotes and sayings show us the essence of Hawaii and the Aloha spirit.

May there always be Tradewinds behind you, Rainbows around you and Aloha all around you.

Kauai Blessing

Be the Aloha you see in the World


May there always be warmth in your Hale, fish in your net and Aloha, in your heart.

Hawaiian Blessing

“Aloha. It meant welcome and homecoming. It meant love.” 

Clemence McLaren

Practice Aloha Around The World: You don’t have to live in Hawai’i— or even be Hawaiian to embrace the Aloha Spirit. Aloha can be found in the most surprising places at the most unlikely times. You just have to have an open heart and mind to recognize it!”

Mark Ellman

“every wave says aloha as it kisses the beach…and the beach says aloha to every wave as it returns to the sea” 

Bodhi Smith

“Aloha is compassion, love, light, harmony, peace and joy, all rolled into one. Aloha is choosing love in every moment, showing up and being lovingly present no matter what it looks like on the inner or outer.”

Ken Ballard

“Aloha makes perfect sense…saying hello and goodbye have an important intersection, one acknowledges the past, another the future, but both point to the moment of now, here, aloha.”

Bodhi Smith

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