No Experience Sailing, 6 Tips To Get Started

No Experience Sailing, 6 Tips To Get Started

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Are you thinking about taking up sailing? Sailing is a great sport and a great way to experience and see the world.

To learn sailing, you should get on a boat and find out if sailing is suitable for you and something you enjoy. The best sailors can handle their boats in all kinds and types of weather. We recommend that you find a class that you can join and get certified in sailing as sailing requires knowledge and skill.

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Here are our top six tips to help you get on the water and experience sailing.

To Experience, Sailing Get On A SailBoat

On the internet, people are saying that they want to buy a sailboat but have absolutely no experience sailing or being on the water. If you’re going to learn to sail and purchase a sailboat, you first need to get onto the water and start sailing.

Not everyone who sails enjoys it or can even handle sailing. If you are on a sailboat for days on end, it could be very limiting, and for some people, they may even consider it dull. Other people love it and feel the freedom to be out there and have the wind blowing in your hair as you are sailing.

Sail In All Kinds Of Weather And Circumstances

So the first thing you need to do is get on a boat and spend some time out on the water sailing. I would recommend that you do this for different lengths of time and in all types of weather. Some people may find that they can get violently sick in a storm, which could hinder their ability to sail a boat; in extreme cases, it could be life-threatening.

Other people do very well in all types of weather conditions. You need to discover what kind of person you are and how you can handle a sailboat in all weather and circumstances.

Take A Course To Learn And Experience Sailing

One of the best things you can do is take a course to learn and experience sailing. Go through an actual program that will test you and certify you and your sailing ability.

One of our favorite programs in the United States is the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center; if you happen to be near the Milwaukee area, this is an excellent way for you to be able to learn how to sail stand join a community of like-minded sailors.

Choose A Sailing Course That Has Certifications

When looking for a course, you want to choose a method that will offer you high-quality classroom instruction and certification. You want to find a school with experienced sailors who can help you understand sailing.

Choose a course that includes the following:

  • Classroom Instruction – You want a course that will give you classroom instruction. There are a lot of sailing terms and techniques you need to learn about when sailing. It is like learning to drive a car; any prospective driver needs to learn about the road rules before driving; this is true about learning to sail.
  • Knowledge About The Sail Boat – You also want to know the boat and all the different parts of the boat and how each part works can help you to be able to sail the boat.
  • Time In The Water Sailing – A good course will also give you a lot of time in water sailing. You will have a mix between classroom instruction and sailing.

Understand That Sailing Is Not Just A Sport But A Skill

Many first-time sailors think that sailing is a sport but underestimate how much of a skill it is. If done wrong and without the proper skill, sailing can be life-threatening.

You can not always depend on calm and easy waters and easy winds to pull you along. In truth, if you get that, you will be lucky. But in my experience, there is so much that can happen, which is entirely unexpected. 

Many years ago, I was sailing on a catamaran off the coast of Vietnam. I was sailing with an instructor, and he was sailing the boat when suddenly a vast 7-foot wave stopped the boat with such a force that I fell off the ship.

On my way down, my right hip hit the boat’s mast. My instructor’s quick response and his knowledge of the wind and water helped save me that day from what could have been a far worse accident.

Experience and knowledge are invaluable for anyone who is thinking of beginning sailing. The only way to get that kind of sailing experience is to be out on the water as much as possible to understand the sailboat, wind, and water.

Find A Sailing Community

Like many other things, sailing is not just about sailing but also about the community. You can learn and gain a lot from being in a sailing community.

That is why Yacht clubs continue to be an essential part of the sailing communities worldwide. If you cannot afford a Yacht club, look for a community sailing club or program.

There is a lot you can learn and gain by becoming part of a sailing community; here are some of the things:

  • Regattas and Races – Many clubs will hold regular regattas and races. This will allow you to improve your sailing skills.
  • Gain Knowledge – I have learned a lot from these clubs as I have spoken to and talked to sailors worldwide. Many of them are sailing full-time from port to port, and you can learn from these sailors and their experiences.
  • Make Friendships – You will make some new sailing friendships by joining these clubs and communities. In the process, you will find friends from around the world.

Sailing is a beautiful sport and a fantastic way to see different parts of the world or various world waterways. It is a great community to be part of and to experience.

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