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Guide To Why Your Small Homebased Business Needs A Website

I believe that every small business, including home-based businesses, should have a website. A website is a great way to communicate with your customers about what you and your company are all about.

A website for your Home-based or small business is important because so many people are on the internet. A website allows them to find you through their internet searches. Having a website also gives you and your business a sense of credibility. Setting up a website is also a relatively cheap way to communicate with your customers.

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Here are some reasons why we feel every small and home-based business should have a website.

A Small Business Needs A Website As Everyone Is On The Internet

Almost everyone is on the internet these days. Yes, this means it is crowded, but at the same time, internet usage continues to grow. Simply, you need to be where your customers are for them to find you.

According to Statista today 4.57 billion people are on the internet. This means that over 59% of the world’s population are internet users.

If you take into account that the world’s population includes older people who may not know how to use the internet, or very young people who are also not able to use it – or even areas of the world as North Korea that has virtually no internet usage for the general population – when taking all this into account, then you can see that this statistic means most of the world is on the internet.

Let’s break it down a bit more with some numbers that Statista has given:

  • China, India, and the United States have the highest number of internet users. This is also because they have large populations. Indonesia, Brazil, and Nigeria follow their internet usage.
  • The economic area with the higher number of users per capita is North Europe, with 95%
  • The countries with higher use per capita are UAE, Denmark, and South Korea.

A Webpage Gives A Small Business Credibility

A Website will give your small business credibility. Most people, going to eat at a new restaurant, shop at a new store or use a new service, will first go online to see what they can find out about the company or person they will be working with.

Greg Rentschler who has a Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Dealership pointed out the importance of websites to businesses and in particular small businesses. He said businesses need to have a website as potential customers will go on the internet to check what the company is about. As he pointed out:

“I’ve got a friend who is a landscaper, and his business is growing and not through anything but word of mouth, but if you want to grow even more, you need a website. … It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether 18 or 80, everyone has a smartphone. I’m not going to a restaurant or hardware store without getting information online.”

Greg Rentschler

Greg Rentschler has pointed out that with so many people online, you can have a good business without a website, but with a good website, it can help you reach more people. In other words, a website will only help you and not hurt your business.

According to the website Make it (CNBC) this is how small business owners find new customers:

How Small Businesses Communicate with Customers
Word of Mouth58%
Social Media Posts 40%
Business Website36%
Customer Newsletter or Email26%
Advertising On Social Media21%
Advertising on the Internet (Not Social Media)19%
Advertising on the Radio6%
Advertising on TV5%
Source – Make It (CNBC)

What I see from this data is since only about a third of small businesses have a website; having one – even a very simple website – can help you stand out in the crowd. Just for that reason alone, it is worth investing in the time and money to have a website.

A Website Is Relatively Cheap For A Small Business

As far as a business expense goes, a website is relatively cheap. But if you are not tech-savvy, you will have to learn a bit about a website.

Today with technology, you do not have to hire a web developer to help you with your website. Nor do you even need to have to be able to write one single line of code.

A while ago I hired an intern to help me with my website. One day, he literally walked out the door. He told no one and just left.

We had no idea why he left. We assumed he had left to go get a coffee or something else. Hours turned into days and days in a week, and finally, we were able to get hold of him. He had decided that he basically wanted to stay home.

Here I was with a WordPress website partly started and no one to finish it. I was also really mad as I now had another thing to think about and worry about.

I decided I would try to learn WordPress. It was the best decision I had ever made. Not only was I able to complete my websites (I had three I wanted to do) ahead of schedule. I was also able to do everything I wanted to do with them.

Yes, it took time and I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos. It even took up quite a few of my weekends and weeknights.

But here are a few things I learned from this experience about a website and a small business:

  • Designing a website is easier than you may think – Designing and creating a website is much easier than you think it is. I thought it would be much harder than it was.
  • Almost all programs drop and drag – Almost all the programs drop and drag. Meaning you just need to drop the images into space or drag things over to space. It is all quite user-friendly.
  • There is a ton of free help out there – There is a lot of free help out there. Thousands of blogs and videos on YouTube about designing and creating a website. You do not need to pay for them because there are many free resources and training. I usually find almost anything I need by reading a blog or viewing a YouTube video. You can also check out websites like Meetup. I have attended several WordPress meet-up groups through this website and found the groups to be an excellent source of information. Usually, these groups are run by professionally designing or developing websites.
  • It is better for you to know how to do a website than to leave it up to someone else – One of the biggest lessons I learned is that by taking the time for me to know about my website I can now make changes or adjustments quickly. I do not have to depend on someone else to it for me. It gives me a lot of freedom.

Our Top 5 Picks for Website Programs to Consider

There are many website options out there. Here are our to top 5 picks of providers and services to look at for you to look at when doing your website:

  • WordPress – We love WordPress and we use GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress program. We love all the features of WordPress. There is a ton of information to help you get your website up and running. If blogging is part of what you want to do for your website,, then you really should take the time to learn WordPress.
  • Website Builder GoDaddy – GoDaddy also has a user-friendly website program called Website Builder. This is a drag-and-drop program where you pick out a template and make a few adjustments to make it your own. We like GoDaddy as they offer excellent phone support.
  • Wix – Wix is considered a very good website builder for small businesses.
  • Squarespace – This is a great website program for small businesses or startups.
  • Weebly – Weebly offers great value for the money and also is quite easy to learn and use.

As you can see, there are a lot of options out there. Do your homework and find the program and system that works best for what you need. If you just need a few very simple pages, then do not overthink this and find a program that allows you to put up a few very nice pages to show the information that you need to show your customers.

Having a website is an important part of any kind of business and especially for a home-based business. A good website will help not only give you credibility but will also allow you to reach your customers in a place that many of your competitors may have overlooked.

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