3 Tips For Ending A Romantic Relationship

3 Tips For Ending A Romantic Relationship

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Most of us have or will sometimes in our lives realize that the romantic relationship we are in is not what we really want, so we need to find a way of ending it. There are many ways to end a romantic relationship, but here are three tips for you to consider.

When a romantic relationship ends, it is OK for you to get pissed off. Especially if you are in a toxic relationship that is hurting your mental health when you are ending a romantic relationship, find that good friend you can air your grievances to – you know that friend who will not judge you and understands you and what you are going through.

Here are our top 3, yet very simple tips on how to end a romantic relationship.

3 Tips For Ending A Romantic Relationship
Getting Pissed Off About Ending A Romantic Relationship Can Help You Heal and Move On.

Tip 1- Do Get Pissed Off

So much of the romance advice tells us not to get mad, not to get upset, or not to allow the ending of a romantic relationship to hurt you in any way. If you have just ended a romantic relationship that has meant anything to you, there is a part of you that is probably really angry and just pissed off.

It is Ok to get pissed off. I believe not only is it healthy, but it is also necessary. Getting pissed off is essential for your entire healing process. If used correctly, anger can be the first step to help you heal and move on to a new relationship.

The problem is not anger, but when people are stuck in anger, they never move on to a new relationship. You know the person who keeps talking about their ex and just cannot let what happened to them go.

Failure of any kind is not easy, and failure can be some of the hardest kinds of failure to handle when you had hopes of this being the “one” final romance. Get angry. Get pissed off. Get outright mad.

But what is not OK is if you stay in the angry state or the pissed-off state for years. I have known people who have gotten divorced 20 years ago, and they are still furious at their ex-spouse or partner. Being that angry is not healthy for anyone.

Your goal in getting pissed off should be that you can get past the anger and move on.

3 Tips For Ending A Romantic Relationship
Far Better To End a Wrong or Toxic Romantic Relationship Anyway You Can Than To Stay.

Tip 2 -End It Any Way You Can

When I say end it any way you can, I mean exactly that. Maybe your relationship has been so toxic that getting together face-to-face may result in screaming and shouting matches. Or you may be someone who can not handle any contention, so you may find that it’s best to write a note or even send a text.

Most people will tell you that you should break up face-to-face, or you should be kind and let someone down gently. Other will say you need to have a nice dinner and then break it to them softly.

I disagree. I would rather someone was 100% honest and upfront with me. Why drag it on with a nice dinner? Be clear and make your intentions clear.

I was once in an unhealthy and toxic relationship. I did not have a nice amicable face-to-face meeting to end the relationship. In fact, I moved to another country and left no forwarding address.

I was not able to emotionally handle it any other way. But doing it this way allowed me to be able to move on. At that point in my life, my heart was very fragile; I knew to stay in this toxic relationship would be my death. I understood to really heal, I needed to get out at all costs and anyway I could.

I knew myself well enough that if I had a face-to-face meeting, I would regret it my entire life; I would have probably been “bullied” into something I did not want. So I did what I had the emotional strength to do – to pack up, move, walk away, and leave no trace behind.

When it comes to heart matters, people need to be able to deal with it how they can emotionally handle it. I do not see this as any right or wrong way to break up but more what you can handle emotionally at the time. If your relationship was very toxic, it might be best to break up with as much space as possible.

Moving on from this relationship the way I did, allowed me to really know this was the right thing for me to do. As time has gone on, I have realized it was 100% the right thing to do, and because of this, I have no regrets.

End a wrong romantic relationship any way you can – it is far better to end it any way you can than hang on to a toxic or relationship you know is completely wrong for you.

3 Tips For Ending A Romantic Relationship
Airing Your Grievances About A Romantic Relationship Helps You To Move On.
Find a Good Friend Who Will Listen.

Tip 3 – Air Your Grievances

So much of the advice about ending a romantic relationship will tell you not to talk bad about the person you just ended the relationship with or only say nice things. Others may advise you to be kind. Well, my advice is that airing your grievance can be healthy.

It is far better for you to air your grievances, especially if you have a good friend who will listen to you than to keep it all bottled up inside of you. I find that when I can air my grievances, then eventually, I can let go of a bad relationship much faster than if I let the feelings fester inside of me.

I feel like it is healthy to air your grievances. Find a good friend who will listen to you and not judge you. To be able to talk to a good friend who will not judge you is emotionally healthy and helps you work through things that you would not be able to without their help.

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