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I have always loved dogs and had over five Tibetan spaniels; we used to breed Tibetan Spaniels in China. Many people may not realize this, but Tibetan dogs have a long history of living in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries with Tibetan Monks.

Tibetan dogs have been essential to Buddhist monasteries for thousands of years. Different Tibetan Dogs would be watchdogs, while others were mainly companions for the Buddhist monks. At one time, the Tibetan dogs were such an essential part of the Tibetan Monastery life that the dogs were not bought or sold but were given mainly as gifts to worthy individuals or kept as part of the Tibetan Monastery.

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Tibetan Spaniels – Lived in the Tibetan Monasteries

Tibetan Spaniels, also known as Tibbies, lived in the Tibetan Monasteries with the Tibetan Buddhist Monks. The small breed of Tibetan dog was known as “Simkhyi,” which means house dog, room dog, or even bedroom dog.

The Tibetan Spaniels were considered one of Tibet’s essential monastery Tibetan dogs. They were kept as the Lama’s dogs or given to live with one of Tibet’s aristocratic classes. The fact that these small Tibetan dogs lived in the monastery with the monks shows the great importance that these dogs played in the life of the Tibetan Monasteries.

Stories are told of these small Tibetan Spaniel dogs sitting next to the Tibetan Lamas on the laps. As the Tibetan Lamas would often sit for a long time and meditate, these small Tibetan Spaniel dogs are known to be excellent lap dogs who love to be near their owners.

The Tibetan Spaniel dogs could usually roam freely around the Tibetan Monasteries, but they are incredibly loyal dogs; they typically choose to be near their owners. The Tibetan Spaniels would sit for hours beside the monks to take part in the prayers, rituals, and mantras of their masters.

The Tibetan Spaniel will often join their masters on what is known as the Koras – the clockwise walks around the sacred monument. The Tibetan Spaniels usually join their masters on their Koras as they happily walk beside them.

Because of how involved the Tibetan Spaniel has been in the lives of the Tibetan Lamas, many consider the Tibetan Spaniels to be a Lama dog or a Lama lap dog.

Tibetan Spaniels and other Tibetan dogs exhibit some very human-like behavior. If you cry or see a baby crying, they may run over and try to console them. They will be very loyal to their family to the point of not allowing an intruder to come in that they think can harm the family or their home.

In Tibet and the Monasteries, the Tibetan Spaniels were known to be warm in their owners’ beds, so many Tibetan Spaniels were treated as family members and allowed to sleep on or near the bed.

In Tibet, many consider the Tibetan Spaniel like a “little lion.” The Tibetan Spaniel has a lion-like look on its face.

A Tibetan Spaniel with a white spot on the forehead
A Tibetan Spaniel with a white spot on the forehead

In Tibet, many monks prefer Tibetan Spaniels that are black or tan, but they love to have a dog with a white chest, and they believe the white on the chest stands for a pure heart. They also like dogs with white feet and a white spot on the forehead called a Buddha mark.

Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Terrier Dogs And the Monasteries

The Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Terrier Dogs are also essential dogs in the life of the traditional Tibetan Monastery. In Tibet, these dogs are known as “Do Khyi,” which means “chained dog.”

The “Do Khyi” are found in Tibet with everyday people and nomads. Both breeds are known as excellent watchdogs.

Many Tibetan Monasteries in Tibet will keep the Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Terriers as watchdogs at the front of the monastery, mainly with a chain. As the Venerable Gondar Rinpoche said to Sandra Klein, a critical Tibetan dog in Switzerland, he said:

“In remote smaller monasteries, dogs play an important role. I have my own monastery, the Gonsar monastery, which is located far away in the mountains of Lhasa. The Do Khyis are kept there for protection from thieves and other attacks. They are attached on both sides of the entrance. It is very impressive to pass near these big animals barking with their thunderous voices, jumping up and down, and being held back only by the chains.”

Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche

In the Tibetan Monasteries, nuns depend upon the Do Khyi’s or the larger Tibetan dogs as the Tibetan Terriers and Lhasa Apso for their protection. These dogs help ensure that the nuns are kept out of danger or alerted to any hazards.

Dogs In The Tibetan Monastery Podcast

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The Tibetans prefer that their guard dogs be black or tan; they feel these colors make the dog more fierce-looking when any intruders try to come. If the dog has any spots above its eyes, it can help make it look awake even when asleep.

The Tibetans believe if the dog has a spot above the eyes, it gives them four eyes, which helps them see demons and protect the house from monsters or other intruders.

Tibetan Dogs and Eating Tsampa

A bowl of Tsampa

In Tibet, a staple known as Tsampa is ground-up roasted barley flour. Tsampa can also be mixed with butter or “pag.”

At the Tibetan Monasteries, the dogs are fed the Tsampa. Tibetan Spaniels love the “pag” provided by hand, or the Tsampa, and butter. If you have a Tibetan Spaniel, you may find, as I did, that they love butter.

Some of the larger dogs, such as the Tibetan Terriers and Lhasa Apso, would also eat the Tsampa, but many times, the Tsampa would be cooked in a broth of bones, and even a bone would be added for them to chew on.

The Threat Of Snow Leopards and Tibetan Dogs

In Tibet, Snow Leopards are a massive threat to Tibetan dogs, especially the Tibetan Spaniel. Often, the Snow Leopards may jump on the roof of the house during the nighttime; in Tibet, homes usually have a flat roof that can act as a terrace.

If the Tibetan Spaniel hears the Snow Leopard coming, as they want to protect their family, they will often jump onto the terrace to try to drive the Snow Leopard away.

Tibetan Terrier

If the Snow Leopard comes across a Tibetan Terrier, there is a chance that the Terrier may be able to win that fight against the Snow Leopard. If the Tibetan Terrier wins the fight against the snow leopard, the Snow Leopards will never dare to return to that house again.

This shows how much the Tibetan dogs want to protect their families; they will even fight the Snow Leopards to ensure those they love are protected and safe. Tibetan Dogs are usually considered loyal, trustworthy guard dogs who are wary of strangers entering their homes.

A Tibetan dog is perfect if you are looking for one that will protect you and your household. I have had many Tibetan Spaniels, and I can tell you that they do not just bark to bark, but when they bark, it is because they have heard something or want to alert me to something happening around me.

Tibetan dogs are wonderful companions and family dogs. If you are looking for a larger dog to help guard your house and your family, the Tibetan Terrier may be the right dog for you. The Tibetan Terriers have kept their masters safe for centuries.

 Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Spaniel

If you want a dog that can sit on your lap, sleep on your bed, and be a loyal playmate and companion, then the Tibetan Spaniel may be your dog. They are small yet loyal guard dogs that will be there for you to sit on your lap while watching out for any intruders.

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