Ezoic Vs. Adsense, Ad Platforms Compared

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I have tried both the Ezoic and Google Adsense platforms for my websites. As I have used both of them, I have had the first-hand experience in both ads platforms.

Ezoic Vs Adsense - Differences Wort...
Ezoic Vs Adsense - Differences Worth Exploring

I have found when comparing Ezoic to Google Adsense that my preferred ads platform is Ezoic. There are many reasons for this, but some of my main reasons include the support Ezoic gives a new publisher, ease of use for their platform, data that Ezoic helps provide to their publishers, and payment process for ad income.

Ezoic Vs Adsense Compared

When I compare Ezoic Vs. Google Adsense for my website ad platforms, Ezioic, for me, is the clear winner. Both of the ad platforms are very good, but I have found that as a new publisher and non-techie person, Ezoic has really helped me succeed as a publisher.

When I first started to put ads on my website, I was baffled about what I should do or even how to put up the ads. I started as most people do and signed up for Google Adsense. But I never really got it fully set up as I was confused about what size ads I should put where or the best placement of the ads on my site.

I spent countless hours watching YouTube videos and reading blogs about this. I tried to learn all I could about Google Adsense and just ads in general.

But even with all those hours I spent learning about ads, I was still confused. Then I started with Ezoic, and I was able to ask questions to an Ezoic representative. This personal contact helped make all the difference for my success with ads.

If you are interested in signing up for Ezoic, you can sign up for their ads platform by clicking here.

Why I Choose Ezoic

There are many reasons I feel Ezoic is a great platform for ads. The reasons I have listed are not meant to be a complete list as there are so many things to mention, but my list is more to give you my personal reasons why I appreciated the Ezoic platform.

Here are some reasons why I choose Ezoic as my Ads provider and platform

Pages Views Required On Platform

Both Ezoic and Google Adsense have a low threshold of the number of pages views your website must have to start to put ads onto your site. Ezoic use to have 10,000 page views as their threshold, but recently they lowered this so that there was no threshold for page views to join Ezoic.

Adsense also does not have any page views threshold, But both Ezoic and Adsense want to see that your site is up and running and has viable content on the site.

For either Ezoic or Adsense to be approved to show ads on their site, you must have enough content. For example, if you are a blogger, you recommend having 60 or more blogs on your site.

Neither ads network requires 60 blogs, but if you have written 60 blogs, it will give you a lot of data to show you which posts are performing better and why. It will help you be a better content writer and have more success with your site and ads.

Both Ezoic and Google Adsense have about the same basic page view threshold; a new website now has a choice between either of these platforms.

Time To Receive Payment

One of the things I appreciate about Ezoic is that they will pay you each month. For example, if you only earn $20 in your first month, they will send you the $20. For Google AdSense, you have to wait until you’ve earned $100, and then they will send you the hundred dollars.

I really feel like getting the payment helps motivate me to keep going – even if just 20 USD. This is very different than Google Adsense that will only pay you when you reach the $100 mark.

When you first start your blog, it can take you a long time to reach the benchmark for thousands of page views or thousands of dollars, so I find even getting a small amount is a motivation for me.

I feel like Ezoic understands this as they are willing to pay you each month whatever income you have earned. I prefer Ezoic’s approach to pay smaller amounts to the publisher’s every month vs. Google Adsense that wants to see 100 USD,

Ease Of Set Up Of Ads

When I first decided I want ads on my website, I started to look at Google AdSense. I spent a lot of time reading about Google Adsense and watching some training videos on YouTube.

Despite all this extra help, I found that my learning curve with ads was huge. I understood about ads, but I knew I only understood very little about the ads network. Everything from how to set up the ad to the size of the ad is very complicated.

With Google Adsense, since I could not really find anyone to call or talk to except for some online forums, there was a lot I did not understand. There’s a lot on YouTube you can watch about setting up Google Adsense, but those give a variety of information; I just found it really difficult to know what exactly would be the right type of ads for the website I was writing.

I found my experience with Ezoic to be very different. I really love how Ezoic assigned me someone I can actually talk to, and I could ask questions. I really enjoyed and appreciated their entire customer service and process of helping me set up the ads. I found this helped me to understand what I needed to do.

With Ezoic’s help and guidance, I was able to get my ads running on my site quite quickly, and I could then start to see some income come in. I found Ezoic’s entire process to be straightforward.

Platform Ezoic Uses

Google, of course, is the industry standard for collecting data. Everything from Google Analytics to Google Search Consul is the industry standard.

But Ezoic also has an excellent platform that you can use to find your vital statistics. In fact, I love Ezoic’s platform so much I hardly ever check my Google Analytics anymore; Ezoic’s platform has all this data plus more.

Ezoic’s platform will give you some big data and deep analytics that you may not find in another place; it is also straightforward, so you can quickly see how much income you have earned each day,

Ezoic’s Big Data will give you very detailed information on your page views and blog posts; it will help you to see where in the world people are viewing your content and even what the weather was like when they viewed it.

This means that you only need to look to one platform to find all this information. I really like and appreciate this about is Ezoic.

Ezoic’s LEAP

Ezoic rolled out a new program called LEAP. LEAP is a tool to help you find out how to help your website become more efficient and faster.

The LEAP helps you to be able to make changes to have a faster and more efficient website; LEAP is about helping you to improve your website’s core vitals.

LEAP is another example of how Ezoic is working so that its publishers can become as successful as possible. This, of course, makes sense since if their publishers have more page views, everyone wins in the process.

One of the big differences between Ezoic and Google AdSense is the great support that Ezoic gives to their publishers.

Google AdSense is no doubt an industry standard. Still, I found using them and their support process to be extremely difficult – especially for new or non-technical people – like me.

On the other hand, my experience with Ezoic has been completely the opposite. Ezoic has been extremely easy to work with and very good about helping me, as a publisher, to be as successful as possible.

So if you are looking for an ads platform that does not require many pages views and yet gives you excellent customer service and support, I would highly recommend Ezoic. You can sign up for Ezoic today by clicking here.

As a new publisher, you will make money as you work to increase your page views. Ezoic completely understands that page views can take time; Ezoic has taken the view of a partnership with viable content publishers to help them earn some income. I really love and appreciate their view on this and how they support and partnership to help publishers of all sizes.

Go to Ezoic and sign up for an account. It is straightforward. You can sign up for Ezoic today by clicking here.

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