New Year Resolutions You Can Stick With Throughout The Year

New Year Resolutions You Can Stick With Throughout The Year

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When the New Year rolls around, many of us will start to make goals that we hope to stick with throughout the year. But as with many goals, many of us start the goals we may not stick with and finish them soon after.

The best way to make sure you stick with your New Year’s resolutions is to make sure the New Year’s resolutions touch every area of your life. The way to do that is to have specific areas of your life where you will make New Year’s resolutions, which include your spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, social, financial, and career.

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Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution By Making Well-Rounded Goals

One of the most important things you can do when making New Year resolutions and goals is to create well-rounded goals. By making well-rounded goals, we mean that you should make goals that reach all the areas of your life.

We have seven areas that we look at for all our goals. These seven categories help me to ensure that I do not forget any area of my life that I need to focus on for any of my resolutions or goals.

Here are the seven primary categories that I look at in my New Year’s resolutions

Spiritual New Year Resolutions

The spiritual aspect of our lives is essential to our overall well-being. Whether you belong to an organized religion or do not, it is necessary to look at the spiritual aspects of your life.

Your Spiritual New Year Resolutions can include things as:

  • Read your scriptures or religious books.
  • Begin meditation.
  • Look to join a church or another faith-based group.
  • Learn and study world religions.
  • Have a daily prayer or worship service.

Physical New Year Resolutions

Most people will make some physical New Year resolutions. Everything from losing weight to eating better. Anything to do with your health, eating, or this aspect of your life that you want to change or improve.

Here are some physical New Year resolutions that you can make for the New Year:

  • Lose weight.
  • Eat right or eat more vegetables.
  • Run a race this year (5K, 10K, or marathon).
  • Learn a new sport.
  • Wake up early and get to bed earlier.

Intellectual New Year Resolutions

Intellectual is all about learning or mastering something new. It could be from getting an education or new degrees to simply working on learning new skills—anything you can do to improve your mind.

Here are some examples of some Intellectual New Year resolutions:

  • Work on an educational degree.
  • Read or Listen to a book every month.
  • Learn a new skill such as WordPress or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Study a new language.
  • Write a book.

Emotional New Year Resolutions

Your emotional New Year resolutions are all about looking at things you can do to improve your emotional well-being—everything from being a better listener to smiling at strangers or helping those in need.

Here are possible Emotional New Year Resolutions you can consider:

  • Work on my communication skills.
  • Strive to be more optimistic.
  • Every week contact someone who needs my help.
  • Get out of my comfort zone to meet new people.
  • Learn to deal with stress better.

Social New Year Resolutions

The social New Year resolutions are things you can do for your social New Year resolutions. These goals can be everything from writing a note to a friend who needs it to work on your social media platforms.

Here are some of the things you can do for your Social New Year Resolutions:

  • Work on my social media accounts each week.
  • Reach out weekly to a friend.
  • Join a new social group and be active in it.
  • Reach out to meet new friends.
  • Look around to find people who may need my help or service.

Financial New Year Resolutions

Financial New Year resolutions are resolutions to do with your financial health. Some of the financial New Year resolutions you can look to make would have to do with your financial health.

Here are some Financial New Year Resolutions you can make:

  • Get out of debt.
  • Save 10% of your income each month.
  • Save money to buy a home or property.
  • Budget all your spending and stick to a budget.
  • Stop using all credit cards.

Career New Year Resolutions

The career New Year resolutions have to do what you want to accomplish in your career or professional life, Everything from looking to improve your job to other aspects of your professional or working life. If you do not have a career, you can skip this step.

Here are some of my Career New Year Resolutions:

  • Look to make a career change.
  • Work to improve my career and professional prospects.
  • Build my career or professional credentials.
  • Work with an experienced HR person to look at my resume.
  • Start a new business.

As you can see from all the different areas that by looking at your New Year resolutions in these seven other areas, you can be sure that your New Year resolutions are all well-rounded by making sure that your look at these areas of your life that you can be sure that your life is balanced for all areas of your life.

We love this way of setting goals and New Year resolutions as it forces you to ensure that you look at every aspect of your life and set the right goals and resolutions.

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