10 Reasons Why Ezoic Always Beats AdSense, Our Experience

Ezoic Vs. AdSense

Anyone looking to publish a website will usually look at how I can earn an income on that website. They will first look at getting an ad provider onto the site.

Ezoic is a great ad provider for your website as the Ezoic team is invested in you and your success. Unlike Adsense, if you need help and support, the Ezoic team is always there to ensure success as a publisher. Ezoic will invest in your success by providing you with many additional features that Adsense does not offer.

If you are interested in learning more about how Ezoic can help you, click on the link below to sign up with a special offer to join Ezoic.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we feel Ezoic always beats AdSense as a publishers ad provider:

Ezoic Is Invested in Helping You

One of the things I love about Ezoic is that they are there to help me; I feel like they are invested in me and helping me succeed as a publisher. I am not a technical person, so I have appreciated the team at Ezoic and their investment in me and helping me grow and understand a lot of the technical aspects of placing ads on my website.

When I first started to look at advertising, I signed up for Google AdSense like everyone else. I have to admit I found this very cumbersome, and I found it very difficult to find information on the web that I could understand about how to use Google AdSense.

On the other hand, Ezoic gave me an onboarding technical expert that helped walk me through what I needed to do to get ads up on my site. They discussed many basics, such as placements, sizes, and revenue, with me. I found this extremely helpful for someone like me who is not very technical.

I feel like Ezoic invested in my success as one of their publishers. On the other hand, I felt like AdSense did not care because they have so many publishers they do not need to provide the same kind of services.

Ezoic Gives Great Support Compared to Adsense

When I first started with AdSense, I reached out to them to ask for technical support. Finding genuine technical support to help me with my AdSense and to help answer some fundamental questions was very challenging. AdSense is not set up to help a non-technical person like me.

Publishers who understand ads or ad placements and revenue probably find working with AdSense very easy. But as I had never worked with ads for my website before, I found it all to be highly cumbersome and challenging.

On the other hand, Ezoic gave me some great support. I love the fact that I could talk to an actual human being face-to-face online and ask the questions I wanted to ask.

I also love that someone at Ezoic was willing to walk me through their system and show me the different parts of the Ezoic system and software to understand how to use it properly. This helped me with my overall learning, and I appreciate the support Ezoic gave me.

Ezoic Earnings Will Beat Adsense

For any publisher, one of your primary concerns is how much you can earn with your website and with the ads on your website. But it is known throughout the industry that Ezoic earnings will beat AdSense almost all the time.

Here are some reasons why Ezoic’s earning will beat Adsense:

  • Ezoic Uses AI – Ezoic will use the latest technology, including AI, to scan your website and look at how to ensure your users have the best experience possible. In other words, they are actively testing your website to ensure that your users have the best experience that they can. One of the benefits of AI is that as machine learning gets better, so will your ad Revenue and your website users experience.
  • Better EPMV – Anyone working with ads understands EPMV is what you will earn per 1000 page views. Generally speaking, between Ezoic and AdSense, your EPMV can be up to 2 to 3 times higher with Ezoic than with using Adsense.

Ezoic’s Premium will Give You Better Quality Advertisers

Ezoic Ads
Sample of Ezoic Ads

When you reach a certain threshold on Ezoic, they will usually invite you to join their Premium service. This service will cost you a bit of money each month, but at the same time, you’ll be guaranteed to make that money back and usually plus more.

When Ezoic asked me to join the Premium service, I was the first kind of skeptical. Why should I pay to have better advertisers on my website? But I have to say it was one of the best decisions I made because since I joined Ezoic Premium, I have also seen an increase in my overall monthly ads revenue.

But more than that, one of my websites is my main company website. I was at first very skeptical about putting any ads onto my blog but decided that I would try it. I like the idea that the Premium advertisers are better quality advertisers.

As the Premium advertisers are better quality advertisers, this helps also to give my websites more creditability as those better quality advertisers are willing to invest in putting their ads on my site.

Ezoic Offers Great Additional Features When Compared to AdSense

The great benefit of Esoic vs. AdSense is that Ezoic offers you many additional features that you may not fully get on your AdSense account. This is one of the great benefits of the Ezoic publisher platform.

I love the Ezoic features so much that I rarely look at my Google accounts and go directly to Ezoic to find all my data. Here are a few features on Ezoic that I love:

  • Big Data – Ezoic has a Big Data feature that allows the publishes to go down deep into their data. You can see everything from what kind of weather it was when people visit your website, where they are from, and who they are. Big Data can help you to be able to dig down deep into what helps to make your website successful.
  • LEAP – LEAP is a program that Ezoic rolled out that helps publishers view the performance of their website. It will show your core vitals and tells you what you can do to improve the core vitals. LEAP shows how Ezoic is invested in many aspects of their publishers success.
  • TESTING – Ezoic also gives you the ability to do a lot of testing for your site, your ad placements and other aspects of your website. The ability to test aspects of your website means that your success as a publisher is in your own hands, and you can test and check things out to see what is best for you and your website.

Ezoic Has Great Technical Support

Ezoic has a great technical support

Ezoic has some great technical support, and I love that if I have a problem, they will help me. Their technical support quickly answers and helps me solve my issues.

Many people are on technical blogs, groups, and forums as experts in AdSense. Many of these same people in the media are willing to help you with your questions, but I have found it so much easier to talk to my account or technical representative to help me solve any of these issues or problems I have,

Brings In Experts To Help Ezoic Publishers

I have attended Ezoic webinars where they have brought in Google experts and others to help the publishers. I have always really appreciated this and the fact that these webinars help the Ezoic publishers be successful. I love that many of these webinars allowed me to ask these experts about specific questions that I had.

I believe that Ezoic will invest to bring in these experts shows how Ezoic is invested in helping its publisher succeed. They are willing to bring in the experts to enable them to be able to become better publishers and earn more ad revenue.

AdSense and Google, of course, do have a lot of information on the web, but I have not found it to be as personal or as relevant to me as a publisher as what Ezoic is offering.

Ezoic Has A Great Team

I have appreciated everyone that I have worked with on the Ezoic team. They have a great team that is invested in helping you succeed.

I have felt like everyone I have met there is genuinely interested in my success and seeing me succeed as a publisher. Blogging or publishing can seem a bit lonely, and you are not sure if what you are doing makes a difference. I have found it helpful to talk to Ezoic and air some of my concerns.

I have found that the Ezoic team is here to support me and help me see that I am heading in the right direction.

I love working together with Ezoic’s team; Ezoic has shown me that publishing is a team effort.

Ezoic Offers Some Free Training

When you get onto the Ezoic platform, you’ll be able also to see a lot of extra things, including some free training. Ezoic’s primary goal is to help you succeed and be successful as a publisher, so they also offer some online courses and training.

I have not found the same training and support with AdSense. In AdSense, you are pretty much left to try to figure it out by yourself.

Any Publisher Can Join Ezoic

The great thing about Ezoic is any publisher can join. You do not need a minimum page views threshold to enter the Ezoic platform.

Even though there is no minimum number of page views required, we recommend joining the Ezoic platform that you are sure that your blog has at least 1000 more page views and at least 30 blog posts. A

Blogs and blogging take time, so we recommend getting great content up on your website and then looking for the income and ads if you want to see success.

With the link below, you will get a special deal with join Ezoic for your website advertising needs. As a publisher, you will not regret being able to join Ezoic and be part of such a great team that is invested in your success as an online publisher.

Click on the button below to claim your special offer to join Ezoic.

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