Riding the MARTA trains in Atlanta, Georgia.

17 Tips for Riding MARTA & Public Transportation in Atlanta, Georgia

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The first time I went to Atlanta for America’s Mart Atlanta, the premier gift and home decor show, I was staying with a friend of mine outside Atlanta. My friend told me not to ride the MARTA as it was not safe, but instead to drive downtown and park my car.

I took her advice, drove to downtown Atlanta, and parked my car for 40 USD per day. Since then, I have been to Atlanta many l times; one of the things I have enjoyed is riding on the MARTA. Not only do I save on parking, but it is also much faster than driving through Atlanta’s traffic. I have found riding the MARTA to be safe. Whenever you go to a new place and ride new public transportation, there are always a few things you should remember, such as when and how to ride the MARTA and stay staff on the MARTA system.

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Here is a video that shows you a bit about what it is like to ride the MARTA in Atlanta, Georgia.

Riding the MARTA In Atlanta Georgia

Our 17 Tips For Safely Riding The MARTA In Atlanta, Georgia

Riding the MARTA is an essential part of life for residents and visitors alike in Atlanta, Georgia. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) helps people get around town quickly and efficiently… but it’s also important to remember safety when using public transit.

To help make your journeys on the MARTA as safe as possible, we’ve compiled a list of 17 tips you should keep in mind to protect yourself while traveling by train or bus in our great city. So, whether you’re new to riding the MARTA or already a seasoned veteran traveler, read on for some helpful advice!

Tip 1 – Ride During the Peak Times

Try to ride the MARTA on weekdays during peak times from 6 am to 7 pm. The MARTA stations I have been to have some police there, but police may not always be there.

Atlanta is still a major USA city (just under 500,000 people). It is the capital of the U.S. State of Georgia, and like many major U.S. cities, parts of the city are safer than others.

Tip 2 – Take the MARTA From the Airport

When I go to Atlanta, I always stay at the Marriott Hotel in Buckhead, close to the Lenox Mall at the Lenox stop on the Doraville Line. Even though the Marriot I stay at is not right next to the train station, I find the short walk easy, even though the hotel is willing to come by to get me if I call them. But if you do not need to rent a car in Atlanta and are flying in, taking the MARTA is a great way to get around the city.

Here are some reasons to consider taking the MARTA from the Airport:

  • Easy Access – Getting on the MARTA from the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. The MARTA station is in the same building as the Airport, so you do not have to go outside to get on the MARTA. It is very close to the baggage claim area.
  • First Stop on the Red and Yellow Lines – The Airport MARTA station is the first stop on the Red and Yellow Lines, so the trains usually wait for the passengers before they leave.
  • Train Cars Have A Place For Baggage – Many train cars have a special place to put your larger luggage pieces.

Tip 3 – Get a MARTA Breeze Card

If you are riding the MARTA for a few days, getting yourself a MARTA pass or a MARTA Breeze card will be much easier. This way, you can fill the card up for as much as you need and will not have to buy a new ticket each time you travel.

If your first stop is at the Atlanta Airport, there are usually people at the MARTA booths where you can get a Breeze card. You can also have them check your Breeze card if you have an older card. If you are starting your journey at a smaller station, you may find they only have a MARTA machine for you to get your pass.

Tip 4 – Getting a Plastic Breeze Can Save Money

Each time you purchase a paper ticket, it will cost you 1 USD extra to your fare. though you can buy a one-way or round-trip or a few fares on a paper ticket. But if you buy a Breeze card (which is a plastic card you can keep and save for the next time you come to Atlanta), the cost is only 2 USD for the Breeze card.

So if you are going to be in Atlanta for a few days and maybe coming back again, getting a MARTA Breeze card is worth the 2 USD they charge. You can easily top-up the breeze card with extra trips as you need them. This is normally the way I travel around Atlanta, as I come to Atlanta at least twice a year.

You can buy your breeze card at the online MARTA Breeze Store by clicking here or at one of the MARTA booths or card machines at the MARTA stations.

Tip 5 – Economical Way to Get Around Atlanta

Riding the MARTA in Atlanta is an economical way to get around Atlanta. Riding on the MARTA will cost you about 2.50 USD per ride, plus the breeze card.

When you see the morning or evening traffic on the Atlanta freeway and the traffic is completely stopped, you will be thankful that you chose to go by the MARTA. So taking the MARTA is an economical way to get around Atlanta, Georgia, and it can be much faster than driving.

Tip 6 – Everyone Needs Their Breeze Card

Everyone will need their Breeze card if they are traveling with other people. You cannot share a breeze card.

If you are a large group or even a large family, you can visit the online MARTA store to get the cards for your group. You can find information on the MARTA Breeze online store by clicking here.

MARTA will give some discounts to Senior Citizens, school groups, and students. If you have a group of 15 people or more who will need to ride the MARTA, you can contact MARTA directly by clicking on their website and calling the number they have listed for such requests.

Tip 7- MARTA Machines Accept Cash and Credit Cards

All the machines I have used to top-up or to get my MARTA pass have allowed me to pay in cash or with a credit or debit card. This means it is quite easy to be able to top-up your MARTA pass or buy yourself a MARTA pass.

Riding the MARTA
Riding the MARTA trains in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tip 8 – Consider a MARTA Visitors Pass

If this is the ONLY time you will be in Atlanta and will need to ride the MARTA, you can also consider buying yourself a MARTA visitors pass.

The paper Breeze tickets will give you a limited number of fares such as a one-way, round trip, or 1, 2, 3, and 4-day passes which will include unlimited trips. The one-day pass is valid only for the day it is purchased.

If you have any questions about these passes, you can check out the MARTA website by clicking here.

Tip 9 – Stay Safe On the MARTA

One of the biggest concerns for many people riding the MARTA is how do I stay safe while riding on the MARTA.

Here are some of our MARTA safety tips:

  • Don’t Ride The MARTA Late At Night – If you have another option, do not ride the MARTA late at night. I admit I always ride it during the day and close to the morning or evening commute, and I have found it to be very safe. The last time I rode the MARTA, I saw more police at the stations.
  • People May Ask For Money – I have had people ask me for money as I have gotten on or off the MARTA. I have even had people follow me to ask me for money. I usually refuse to give anything but be prepared for what may happen. Some people may ride the MARTA all day looking for people from whom they can try to get money. This is no different than what may happen on public transportation in other major cities worldwide.
  • Watch Your Belongings – You will need to watch your belongings. I will hang on to my bags and suitcases while riding on the MARTA. When I say I hold on to them, I will always keep my hand on them.
  • Watch Your Luggage in the Turnstiles – Where I have had issues was that luggage gets stuck in the turnstile or people try to grab it. So when you go through the turnstiles, be careful.

Tip 10 – You Can Park N Ride

MARTA has several locations where you can park your car and then ride the MARTA into the city. This will save you a lot of money as you can park your car for free and then ride the MARTA downtown.

Here are a few things to know about this:

Tip 11 – Connect With a Bus or Streetcar

Besides being able to park your car at the MARTA station, the MARTA also links with Atlanta’s bus and streetcar service. MARTA’s bus and streetcars have over 91 routes that cover thousands of miles around the Atlanta Area.

To find out more if you can take the bus to your destination, click on the MARTA website or download the MARTA app to find out more about the schedule.

Tip 12 – Download the MARTA App

MARTA has a great app that will update schedules and information about the MARTA and your ride on the MARTA. If you need to catch a bus from the MARTA station, this can be particularly helpful for you in coordinating your MARTA trip with the Bus Schedule.

This is what you can find on the MARTA App:

  • Schedules of all MARTA trains and buses.
  • Real-time tracking of trains and buses
  • You can access the Google transit trip planner and Uber to make any last-minute connections.
  • Full MARTA rail system map.
  • A list of stops to find your closest bus stop.
  • Any system alerts or delays.
  • Review and access to your breeze card balance.

To download the MARTA App, you can go to the MARTA website by clicking here.

Tip 13 – Riding the MARTA with Children

Some of you may need to ride the MARTA with children. Here are a few things that are helpful for you to know about this:

  • Children Ride Free – Children who are 46″ (116 cm) or less will ride free on the MARTA.
  • Two Children per Adult – Only two children ride free per each paying adult is allowed.
  • Only Applies To Children Under 5 Years of Age – This policy only applies to children of 5 years of age or less.

So if a child is over six years old and even if they are 45″ tall, they will still need to pay for the appropriate fare. For more information about the child policy, you can find out more on the MARTA website by clicking here.

Tip 14 – Traveling with Pets

MARTA also allows you to travel on the MARTA with your pets. Here are a few things for you to know about this:

  • Service Animals – Service Animals are the only animals that can ride the MARTA unconfined. All other animals must be confined.
  • Confining Animals – MARTA defines the confining of animals as being in a secure pet cage with a lock or latch so the pet cannot escape. So, having a dog on a leash will not be accepted unless the dog is a service dog.

To find out more about traveling on MARTA, the Streetcars or Buses with pets you can check here.

Tip 15 – MARTA and Bicycles

Have a bicycle you want to bring to the MARTA? This is not a problem. As I have ridden the MARTA, I have seen quite a few people with bikes traveling on the MARTA.

Here are a few things to know if you want to bring your bicycle on the MARTA:

  • Bike Areas on Trains – The trains have plenty of room for bikes. There are usually areas where there are no seats where you can place your bike.
  • Every Bus has a storage rack – If you are going also to take the bus, there is a storage rack for two bikes on every bus.
  • Access to MARTA Trains- There are elevators and widened hallways at the stations so that all bikes of all sizes can usually be accommodated.
  • Free Parking – MARTA stations offer free bike storage racks. All you need to do is find an open space and lock your bike up.

MARTA is trying to encourage this by setting up bicycle repair kiosks to fix things like flat tires. To find out more about bringing a bike on the MARTA and some of their rules, you can find the information on the MARTA website by clicking here.

Tip 16 – Check out MARTA’s Website and Information

Before you visit Atlanta, Georgia, check out the information that MARTA has available. MARTA has a very good website filled with a lot of information about riding the MARTA trains and other transportation around the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

Here are some of the top MARTA links for you to check out:

  • MARTA Website – MARTA has an excellent website that is filled with information. You can visit the MARTA website by clicking here.
  • Download the MARTA App – You can download the MARTA App to get all the last-minute information on trains, schedules, and delays. You can find everything you need to know about MARTA through their App. You can download the MARTA App by clicking here.
  • Download and Print the MARTA Map and Information. – You can also download and print a PDF copy of the MARTA Map and other information by clicking here.

Tip 17 – Enjoy the Ride

No matter why you are riding MARTA – if you are going to work, going to a trade show or visiting Atlanta for the first time. – enjoy the ride on MARTA. You will be thankful you did as you will not be stuck in Atlanta’s notorious traffic, but you will also find it a memorial experience

Riding the MARTA is a great way to get around Atlanta, Georgia. Not only is it not expensive and generally a safe way to get around Atlanta, Georgia, but it will also save you time as you will not be sitting in traffic. I find it a great way to get around Atlanta, Georgia.

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What Taxis Are Available in Atlanta?

Atlanta has several taxi companies and services. Some of the major ones include:

  • Atlanta Checker Cab.
  • Cascade Cab Co.
  • Uber.
  • Lyft.

Where are Atlanta’s Least Safe Neighborhoods?

The least safe neighborhoods or areas thought to be the most dangerous place to live and stay in Atlanta Georgia are:

  • Midtown
  • U-Rescue Villa
  • Old Fourth Ward
  • Kirkwood
  • Downtown
  • Castleberry Hill
  • Washington Park
  • Bankhead
  • Edgewood
  • Peoplestown
  • East Atlanta (particularly the East Atlanta Village).

Where is the safest area to stay in Atlanta?

The safest areas to stay in Atlanta generally are thought of as:

  • Buckhead (excluding the Lindbergh neighborhood) / Chastain Park
  • Brookhaven
  • Vinings
  • North Druid Hills
  • Virginia Highland/ Druid Hills
  • Decatur / Avondale Estates
  • Underwood Hills / The Westside
  • Morningside / Ansley Park
  • Poncey-Highlands (excluding Little Five Points)
  • Candler Park / Lake Claire
  • Inman Park
  • Cabbagetown
  • Reynoldstown (particularly on the west side)
  • Grant Park / Ormewood Park
  • Knight Park 

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