How Can Ezoic Help A Niche Website Make The Highest Earnings?

How Can Ezoic Help A Niche Website Make The Highest Earnings?

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When producing a niche website, one of the things that most publishers want to know is how Ezoic can help you to earn the highest earnings on your site. As an Ezoic publisher, I have found many ways Ezoic has helped me do this.

My Ezoic ad rate is much higher than my Google Adsense ad rate, but Ezoic also has premium publishers on my site, which I like and appreciate. I love how Ezoic is a stakeholder in my publishing sites, as they are there to help me. Ezoic has several tools that I can use to help me dig deep into my site to see what is happening with my content and websites.

I see Ezoic as a tool that can help publishers to help themselves earn more income on their sites.

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Here are some of the ways that I see Ezoic helping me as a publisher earn more on my niche sites:

Higher Earn With Ezoic Than Adsense

You will earn more with Ezoic than Adsense as your provider. Ezoic is set up to be a premium ads provider, so they will have advertisers willing to pay more per 1,000 page views than many Adsense providers, especially for new sites.

Like most other things, the amount you earn will determine what people are willing to pay you to put their advertising on their site. The amount they are willing to pay will depend on a lot of things, such as:

  • Your Overall Traffic – How much traffic you have on your site.
  • Your Traffic Source – The advertisers want to know where your traffic is coming from; for example, website traffic, mainly in India, will not give you the same rate as traffic sources in the United States.
  • Content Or Niche – Some content and niches will do better than others.
  • Activity On-Site – Advertisers want to see sites with fresh new content coming up. They want to know that you are actively publishing on the site.

These things can matter your ad rate, but most publishers, myself included, have seen that Ezoic will offer a higher EPMV or rate per 1,000 page views than others.

To find out more about EMPV, you can read our blog about Ezoic’s EPMV And Google’s RPM, Some Differences Explained, by clicking here.

Ezoic Is A Stakeholder In Your Niche Site’s Success

We love how Ezoic is a stakeholder in your niche site’s success. For me, this has been a great blessing. 

From the day I started to work with Ezoic, they assigned me people to work with. Ezoic people I could make appointments with and ask questions or voice concerns.

I love how they have invested in your success and are stakeholders in your niche site’s success. They want to help you become one of their successful publishers. I appreciate this about Ezoic and their team.

Ezoic Premium Ads – Are Worth Accept The Offer When

When I was first asked to become an Ezoic premium member, I was unsure, but I found that I earn more under Ezoic premium than just Ezoic.

Also, the Ezoic premium, even though it costs you extra money, does give you better quality ad providers. I appreciate that I have quality advertisers on my site with Ezoic premium.

One of the great things about the premium is that I am given a premium review every quarter. I have appreciated these reviews as they have allowed me to ask questions and find the best way to help my websites earn more income.

Many of these reviews have helped to change how I have done things on my websites, which has helped the growth of my websites. The Ezoic premium is worth it because it gives you better quality advertisers on your site and gives you quarterly reviews with an Ezoic professional to go over your website, your ad placements, and other concerns.

Ezoic Analytics A Great Tool For Niche Sites

I love how Ezoic has integrated tools that can be used to help your website. I rarely go to google to check my stats or traffic but I go to Ezoic Analytics. Because of this, I will always put them on Ezoic to see the Analytics if I have a new site.

Here are some of my favorite things about Ezoic Analysis:

  • Traffic – I can look at my traffic per week, month, or a specific time.
  • Insights – I check out my insights and how any new content is doing. I can see from the site how my new content seems to be done and what is doing well.
  • Audience – The Audience part of Ezoic allows you to dig deeper into your viewers’ language, location, local times, and even weather. This allows you to understand more about your viewer and their location and personality. I love how I can quickly see where my viewers are located on the map.
  • Behavior – Under behavior, you can see what visitors return and how engaged they are. Making sure they are engaged is important for your ad revenue.
  • Site Speed – I can learn about my site’s mobile and desktop speed and ways to improve it.
  • Traffic – The Ezoic traffic source is excellent and tells you what search engines your traffic is coming from.

Ezoic LEAP Helps With Technical Aspects Of Your Niche Site

I appreciate how Ezioic has a technical tool called LEAP that can help you see areas where you can improve your site’s speed. This tool can help you to see the following.

  • Vital Page Scores – You can see your core vital page scores as the mobile and desktop scores.
  • Recommendations – They will also give you recommendations of Apps and other things you can change to improve your core web vitals.

Ezoic LEP helps you know what WordPress plugins are suitable for your site and which ones are slowing your webpage. Suppose you are a non-technical person like me. I appreciate getting this kind of feedback from Ezoic, so I know I can make changes to increase my page speed.

You Can Start Early And Grow With Ezoic For All Your Niche Sites

One of the things about Ezoic is that they allow a site with very few page view to join their platform. I put my more minor and new sites on there as I want to use the tools to help monitor the sites and see what s going on with them.

It helps me see what I need to do to improve my site. I love how I can put these new sites on to Ezoic and get the exact data as my larger sites.

Ezoic is a great tool for any niche site publisher to help you grow your website and increase your earning potential. I love that Ezoic is a stakeholder in my niche websites, and they want to see me be successful and grow.

Find out more about how Ezoic can help your niche website grow.

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