How To Travel Internationally Without Flying? 9 Different Ways

How To Travel Internationally Without Flying? 9 Different Ways

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If you are looking to travel internationally and do not want to have to fly, there are different ways you can consider traveling without ever getting into an airplane.

If you are looking for creative ways to travel internationally without flying, there are many ways you can travel, such as by bus or coach, train, boat, car, motorcycle, biking, and even walking, to name a few. These are all great ways to travel internationally without flying or entering an airport.

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Our Top Nine Ways You Can Travel Without Flying

If you hate to fly or want to travel without flying, there are many ways and options you can travel without flying. In some countries flying may not be the best option, but a better way to travel could be by train, bus, or boat. There are also other options, such as cycling, walking, or even driving.

Here are nine of our top ways to travel without flying or using an airplane.

Travel By Bus Or Coach

Most countries in the world have the option to travel internationally by bus or coach. When I used to travel between Hong Kong and China, we rarely flew between the two places but instead would use a coach or bus system as it was more convenient and more accessible.

Today, many coaches offer large seats, free Wi-Fi, and bathrooms; some even have sleeping arrangements on the bus. For many parts of the world, traveling internationally by bus or coach may be much easier and cheaper.

Travel By Car (Self Driving)

If you like to drive you can consider traveling by car. There are many international borders where it is easy to go across the border.

An example of this will be if you are looking to drive from the United States to Canada or the United States to Mexico. Also, traveling around Europe by car can be very convenient.

So if you like to drive and are not afraid to go in a foreign country, you may find that driving by car internationally may be the best option.

Travel By RV Or Camper

If you like camping or have an RV, it may be best for you to travel by an RV or Camper internationally. The great thing about having the RV or Camper to travel internationally is that you do not need to find a hotel but can usually find a campground where you can put your RV or Camper.

In Vietnam, I met a French family with two children who had been traveling around the world in an RV. They had already traveled from Europe to Vietnam mainly by road.

If you love to camp, driving an RV or Camper may be one of the best ways to travel internationally without flying.

Travel By Train

Many countries around the world have excellent train systems for international travel. I have often traveled from continental Europe to other parts of Europe, such as Sweden or Norway.

The train system has always been excellent for traveling between many parts of Europe. Also, there are some amazing trains between international places in Asia. I have taken a train between Thailand and Malaysia or Hong Kong and China many times.

One of the advantages of traveling by train is that you can usually have a bed to sleep in on a train and during the daytime travel on the train you can see a lot of the countryside that you may not usually know if you were flying.

Hire A Driver

I used to take a driver or limo service between Hong Kong and China. I found this a very easy and convenient way to cross the Chinese border.

In many parts of the world, traveling by a hired car with a hired driver may be a very convenient way to travel across an international border. It may mean that your customs procedures are seamless and very quick.

Hiring a driver may also be much safer and more accessible than trying to drive yourself across the border.

Travel By Motorcycle

If you are into motorcycles, you can also travel by motorcycle internationally. Many people choose this method, whether traveling in Europe or between the United States and Canada.

Also, some will use motorcycles when traveling to other parts of the world. I know people who travel by motorcycle between places like Vietnam and Cambodia.

I love motorcycles, so I can see how using a motorcycle to travel internationally can be a great experience.

Travel By Boat

Traveling by boat between countries may be very easy in many parts of the world. I have traveled from China to Hong Kong by boat and also from Sweden to Finland. Both of them were great experiences.

There are many ferries and other services that can run between countries. Many of these ferry and boating services may be cheaper than flying.

If you have your boat, many people decide to sail or boat around the world. Using a ship to travel internationally can be a great way to see the world.

Travel By Bicycle

During my years of travel, I have met people traveling internationally by bicycle. They had their bikes loaded up with their camping equipment and clothing. They chose to bicycle around the world as they found it a great way to see the world.

I remember being in Tibetan China and meeting an Italian man who had been cycling around the world. Cycling can be a way to see the world and travel internationally, especially if you have the time.

Walk Across A Border

You can walk across the border to travel internationally. Many times we have walked across the border between Vietnam and Cambodia.

So if you are inclined and love to walk, you can also walk across a border or walk to travel internationally.

As you travel internationally, flying does not need to be your only option. There are many other ways to travel internationally. Some will take more time than flying, but many will give you a more extraordinary international adventure than just flying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternatives to flying for international travel?

Some alternatives to flying for international travel include traveling by bus or coach, train, boat, car, motorcycle, biking, and even walking.

How can I travel internationally without flying?

You can travel internationally without flying by choosing alternative modes of transportation like buses, trains, boats, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or even walking.

Can I travel internationally by bus or coach?

Yes, traveling internationally by bus or coach is a popular option. Many countries have extensive bus networks that connect different cities and even cross borders.

Is it possible to travel internationally by train?

Absolutely! Train travel is a fantastic way to explore different countries. Many regions have well-developed rail networks, allowing you to travel comfortably and enjoy scenic views.

Can I travel internationally by boat?

Yes, traveling internationally by boat is an adventurous option. You can choose to cruise on passenger liners, take ferries between countries, or even consider cargo ships for a unique experience.

What about traveling internationally by car?

Traveling internationally by car is a flexible option. You can either rent a car or use your own vehicle, crossing borders and exploring various destinations at your own pace.

Can I travel internationally by motorcycle?

Certainly! Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling way to travel internationally. You can embark on road trips, experience the freedom of the open road, and discover new places.

Is it feasible to travel internationally by bike?

Yes, traveling internationally by bicycle, also known as cycle touring, is becoming increasingly popular. It allows you to have a more immersive experience, enjoy the scenery, and engage with the local culture.

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