All About England's Rivers Flowing Into The English Channel

All About England’s Rivers Flowing Into The English Channel

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The English Channel is a famous channel that separates England from the rest of the European continent.

Several major English rivers flow into the English Channel. These rivers include River Avon, River Dart, River Ouse, and The Solent. All of these flow into the English Channel, a body of water between England and the European mainland, especially France.

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About The English Channel

The English Channel is a vast area body of water. It is 350 miles long and covers an area of 29,000 mi.².

The channel is 21 miles wide at its narrowest point between Dover, England, and Calais in France. But at its widest point, it is 150 miles between Lyme Bay in England and St Malo in France.

The English Channel is one of the smallest seas in Europe; today is considered one of the world’s busiest waterways.

Major English Rivers That Flow Into The English Channel

Several major English rivers flow directly into the English Channel. The river names can be confusing as many rivers in England may use the same or similar names.

River Avon, East Avon, Or Hampshire Avon Rivers

River Avon

The River Avon is also called East Avon or Hampshire Avon. It is a river that rises 3 miles or 5 km east of Devizes, Wiltshire, England, on the north side of the Vale of Pewsey. The river flows southward for 48 or 77 km into the English Channel.

The river shares the name Avon with several other rivers in England, most notably the Avon of Bristol or Lower Avon river and the Avon or Warwickshire or Upper Avon.

River Dart

River Dart

The River Dart is the river in Devon, England that rises on Dartmouth and flows 47 miles or 75 kilometers into the sea of Dartmouth and then the English Channel.

The river flows into the English Channel from Dartmouth, Devon, England, and is a prominent English river that then flows into the English Channel.

River Sussex Ouse

River Sussex Ouse

Although the Sussex Ouse is not one of the longest rivers and is certainly not as large as some other Ouse rivers, the Sussex Ouse river flows into the English channel through Newhaven.

The Sussex Ouse is 35 miles or 56 kilometers long.; It is located in the English counties of West and East Sussex.

The Solent

The Solent

The Solent is also known as a strait of the English Channel. It is a strait between the mainland and the Isles of Man. It also has a water area that goes up towards Totton and into the English Channel.

The strait is the submerged valley of a former eastward-flowing river in which the Fromme was headstream, and both the Itchen and Test are tributaries.

Other smaller rivers or streams may flow into the English channel, but these are the major ones flowing into the English channel.

Swimming The English Channel

The English Channel separates England and France, but the 21 miles swim, or 33 km swim, is one of the world’s most historically significant and iconic marathon swims. In other words, being able to swim the English channel is something that legends are made of.

It takes very fit swimmers over 7 hours to swim the English Channel, but for many swimmers, it can take up to 27 hours. The time it takes to swim the English Channel will depend on the swimmer’s speed and the swimming conditions on the channel.

It is a tough swim because the water is cold, and the channel conditions make it a complex swimming environment. Many swimmers swim at night, so they swim in the pitch-black darkness most of the way.

The currents for the channel can also be tricky, not to mention this is one of the busiest waterways in the world. To swim the English Channel, you must hire a boat and pay the fees to swim the channel legally.

Virtually Swim The English Channel

Conquer Virtual Challenge has an English Channel Challenge. We virtually swam the English Channel. We signed up for the English Channel in the Conquer Virtual Challenge. Every time we swam a distance, we put our miles into the Conquer Virtual Challenge App until we completed the entire length of the English channel.

This may not be as exciting as swimming in the real English channel, but it was more accessible, and we traveled the same distance.

We did not swim the English Channel in a day, but along the way, the Conquer Virtual Challenge emailed postcards to tell us about the significant landmarks we passed.

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