The Conquer Virtual Challenges And Their Medals

We love to do virtual challenges. We consider them an excellent way to keep on with our fitness goals.

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is a great way to able to see and explore the world right from your hometown or area. We love how every mile we exercise can count toward one of their challenges. When you finish a challenge, you get sent a fantastic medal; it feels good to get the medals after I have completed all the miles for my challenge.

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What Is the Conquer Virtual Challenge?

The Conqueror Virtual Challenge is a fitness challenge you sign up for to walk, run, swim, bike, row, or do whatever type of exercise you want to virtually see another part of the world. One of the reasons we love these challenges so much is that it allows us to virtually travel the world without leaving our own homes or location.

There are now many fitness virtual challenges, but one of the challenges we love is the Conquer Virtual Challenge. Here are some reasons why we recommend the Conquer Virtual Challenge:

  • Easy To Use App – The Conquer Virtual challenge has a very easy-to-use app. I have used their app on my computer but now use it mainly on my iPad. I love how easy it is to use and record the miles I am doing from my many different challenges. You can also link up almost any smart device with the app.
  • Google Maps – We love the google maps features on the Conquer Virtual challenge as it helps us not only see on a map where we are going, but we can actually go on google maps and virtually see the area we are traveling. I love to see the landscape and location where I am traveling. It helps me feel like I am right there.
  • Great Selections Of Places To Virtually Travel – The Conquer Virtual Challenge gives a great selection of places worldwide. We love the variety that they have. If you cannot travel, this is a great way to see the world virtually.
  • Love That Every Mile Counts – One of the great things about the Conquer Virtual Challenge is that every single mile I do can count for something. Walking has never been great, but I have found that it motivates me to get out and walk, as I know that my miles will count.
  • Virtually Travel With Friends – I have friends who live worldwide, but we can stay connected via the challenge we are doing together. I love how I can travel somewhere with a group of friends virtually, and we can cheer each other on. I can encourage them to keep going while encouraging me to do the same.
  • Help Me Stay On Track – I love how the Conquer Virtual Challenge helps me stay on track with my fitness goals. The Conquer Virtual Challenge helps me stay on track to reach my fitness goals.
  • Helping The Environment – One of the things I love about the Conquer Virtual challenge is how they help the environment. Whenever I go 20% on a challenge, they help me plant a tree. I can choose between planting a tree or helping them pick up a plastic bottle from the ocean. I love that my miles count towards a challenge, and while I am doing the challenge, I am helping the environment and ecosystem.
  • Constantly Adding New Challenges – The Conquer Virtual Challenge continually adds new challenges and locations to virtual travel. I will not get bored and can always find somewhere I want to travel virtually.

We love the Conquer Virtual Challenge, and one of the great things about it is you can get all this for just under 30 USD.

If you sign up for the Conquer Virtual Challenge by using the below link, you will get 10% off. Everyone that signs up with the link will automatically get a 10% discount – so sign up today and start your Conquer Virtual Challenge – NOW! 

The Conquer Virtual Challenge and Medals

One of the great things about the Conquer Virtual Challenge is getting a medal once you have completed a challenge. Here is why I love the Conquer Virtual Challenge medals:

  • Feels Good To Get The Medals – I love the medals as it feels good to get them and know that you have accomplished something. Knowing you have accomplished all those miles for the challenge feels good.
  • Love How Medals Are Sent When Completed – I love how I get the medal when I complete the challenge and have done all the miles. Some of the other virtual challenges I have done sent me the medal as soon as I signed up. I prefer to get a medal when I have completed the challenge and earned the medal.
  • Medals Are Great Designs – All the medals I have received for the Conquer Virtual Challenge are great designs. I love the designs for the medals.
  • Substantial Medal – The medals they give you are not small but are quite large. I love the fact they are not small medals.
  • Ships Anywhere – Their medals will ship anywhere. And when I say anywhere, I mean anywhere. I live in Hanoi, Vietnam, and they ship the medals to Vietnam.

We realize there are many challenges, but the Conquer Virtual Challenge is our top pick as they are a great organization. I have done quite a few challenges with them and always found them very responsive and good at answering or addressing any inquiries, issues, or problems.

We recommend them as a great way to virtually see and explore the world while “making every mile count.”

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Best Virtual Challenges And Why We Love Them

Our top pick for doing a Virtual Challenge is the Conquer Virtual Challenge. We like the Conquer Virtual Challenge, but we appreciate their app and the many challenges they have worldwide. We love Virtual Challenges because we find them motivating, and it keeps us connected with others as we virtually travel around the globe.

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Virtual Challenges – How Do They Work?

Virtual challenges are, as the name implies – virtual challenges – you will purchase the challenge and then have access to their app, allowing you to record your miles as you virtually complete a predetermined route. At the end of most challenges, you will receive a medal or certificate acknowledging that you have completed the actual miles.

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Is The Conqueror Virtual Challenge Legit?

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is 100% legit. Upon completing a challenge, you will receive a medal for acknowledging that you have completed the challenge. You can also pay extra to get a T-shirt or purchase other merchandise. Even though this challenge is 100% virtual, it is a great way to virtually experience other parts of the world.

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The Conquer Virtual Challenges And Their Medals