Virtual Challenges – How Do They Work?

I love to do Virtual Challenges as they help me to keep on my fitness goals. A virtual challenge is an excellent way for you to record all the miles you do for your exercise or even just your daily walking.

Virtual challenges are, as the name implies – a virtual challenge – you will purchase the challenge and then have access to their app, which will allow you to record your miles as you virtually complete a predetermined route. At the end of most of the challenges, you will receive a medal or certificate acknowledging that you have completed the actual miles.

Some Virtual Challenges have some great swag that you can buy, such as T-shirts, mugs, or other things; if you want to have a T-shirt to show that you have virtually traveled somewhere – you can purchase one.

The Basics of a Virtual Challenges

Virtual Challenges is a paid subscription, just like you would pay an entrance fee to enter a community race; for the virtual challenges, you will pay a fee to virtual travel along a set route.

Here are a few things about a Virtual Challenges

  • Need To Pay – The Virtual Challenges will charge a fee anything from US$29 or more. It just depends upon which challenge you are taking and what their subscription cost is. The cost to pay is usually for only one virtual challenge you have signed up for. This will be similar if you sign up for a race you just pay for the one race and when the race is completed then you will need to pay if you want to do another race.
  • Log in Miles – Virtual Challenges work you by logging in your miles. There are several ways you can log them in to the challenge app. One way is that you can attach the app to a smart device such as an apple watch or a Fitbit. Most of the challenges have a variety of smart devices that you can attach to for their app. Another way is that you can manually put in your miles.
  • Go As Fast Or As Slow As Your Like – The Virtual Challenges is not the same as a race that usually has a limited time and then once the time is up then you need to stop. Most Virtual Challenges will allow you to set the time and then you can decide how fast or slow you want to go to complete the challenge. This is one of the main differences with a virtual challenges and a race.
  • You Get A Medal – Most Virtual Challenges will give you a medal when you have completed the challenge. I actually really love these medals and I hang them up where I can see them. For me they are a great motivator to get me out and to exercise. These medals are similar to medals that you would get when you when you receive a medal after running a race
  • Many Challenges Have T-shirts And Other Products – The Virtual Challenges also allow you to be able to buy T-shirts or other products to show people that you completed the challenge virtually. I have a gray T-shirt that says that I have virtually swim the English Channel. I really love that T-shirt.
  • Can Join A Community – Most Virtual Challenges aallow you to join a community, team or group. You can ether see where everyone else is on the map or you can just see your communituy or teammates. I really love this feature and use it a lot.

How Virtual Challenges Work

Here are some ways Virtual Challenges work and some of the great things you can learn and discover while doing a virtual challenge.

Virtual Challenges Are Virtual

Virtual challenges are, as the name implies they are virtual. There may be some confusion on how you can do a challenge when the challenge is virtual.

A Virtual Challenge means the entire challenge is online and not in person. You will pick what challenge you want to do and when you sign up for the challenge. There are a lot of great places you can travel to virtually by doing a virtual challenge.

We have done several challenges, but our favorite challenge is the Conquer Virtual Challenge because they have a great app. We’ve also done a Pacer challenge. If you’d like to learn more about both of these challenges, you can read our blog Conquer Virtual Challenge Vs. Pacer Virtual Challenge by clicking here.

My top pick between the Pacer Virtual Challenge Vs. the Conquer Virtual Challenge is the Conquer Virtual Challenge; the Conquer Challenge’s cost is very reasonable. The essential cost is $29.95 if you only want to do the challenge and get the medal. If you also want to include a T-shirt, it is $59.95. They also offer other kinds of merchandise.

To receive an automatic 10% discount on your Conquer Virtual Challenge, click and sign up with this link. You can discover more by clicking here.

Follow A Predetermined Route

The Virtual Challengers will have an online route that you will follow. What I love about these challenges is I can follow along and where I am on the map.

The virtual challenges will tell you how long you have traveled and how far you need to go. I love to look at the map and see how far I have traveled or where I am on the map.

If you love maps or see where you are going, this is a great way to keep track of your fitness or other goals by virtually traveling along a map route.

Many challenges also allow you to connect to Google Earth to see your traveling area with Google Earth images.
I love to see what street I am on or where I am virtually traveling.

Move Along On The Route At Your Place

The heart of the Virtual Challenges is about you moving along their predetermined route. You can do this by putting the miles you do each day, and then you will move along the path.

Some people will connect a smartwatch to the app so that every step or every activity they do will be automatically counted. Other people, like me, will manually put in the distance for only specific types of activities.

You can set up and decide how you would like to counter miles and for what activities.

You can also decide how long it will take you to complete your challenge. Some people do it very slowly, and other peoples do it very quickly. It is up to you to decide the time and calculate your miles to move along the route.

One of the things I love about these Virtual Challenges is that it has an individual or a group challenge. Suppose you decide to work together with a group. You can set the rules, and you can choose how you will calculate your miles.

If you don’t have a group, you can always do it by yourself, which is also great because many people do the challenge entirely without anyone else. Who knows, you may meet new friends along the way,

Virtually Travel To Exotic Places

In Virtual Challenges, you can visit many exotic parts of the world. One of the great things about Virtual Challenges is that you can virtually travel to places you would not usually travel.

As you’re traveling to these exotic parts of the world, you can read a bit about the history of the area you are traveling to. Not only do you learn about the place you are traveling to, but you also get a feel for where you are traveling in the world.

One of the great things that I like about a virtual challenge is that it allows me to travel virtually and see places I would not usually visit.

I have done challenges in Jordan, Peru, England, Germany, Hawaii, Easter Island; I have also virtually crossed the English Challenge.

Discover New Places

The virtual challenges allow me to discover new places of the world that I may not be able to travel to. Especially during this Covid pandemic, I have loved virtually traveling to new places.

There are so many significant virtual challenges out there. So many places in the world that you can explore virtually.

I have done several virtual challenges, but one virtual challenge that I recommend is the Conqueror Virtual Challenge. They have not only significant challenges and fantastic-looking medals but also a great Facebook community. I love how easy it is to use their app. Every time I have had a question, their customer support has been excellent.

The Conquer Challenge’s cost is very reasonable. The essential cost is $29.95 if you only want to do the challenge and get the medal. If you also want to include a T-shirt, it is $59.95. They also offer other kinds of merchandise.

To receive an automatic 10% discount on your Conquer Virtual Challenge, click and sign up with this link. You can discover more by clicking here.

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A virtual challenge is a challenge you do virtually by posting your mileage into an app or on your computer. You can run, walk, swim, cycle, step, or do any exercise at your own pace as you move along a specified route on a map. You can do it individually, as a team, or as a community.

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Is The Conqueror Virtual Challenge Legit?

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is 100% legit. Upon completing a challenge, you will receive a medal for acknowledging that you have completed the challenge. You can also pay extra to get a T-shirt or to purchase some other merchandise. Even though this challenge is 100% virtual, it is a great way to experience other parts of the world virtually.

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