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Is Ezoic Premium Worth It? My Experience

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I have been using Ezoic ad agency for my websites. Recently they invited me to join their Premium publisher’s program.

Ezoic offers some of their more experienced publishers a premium service. To use this service, you must be invited by Ezoic. I have been on the Ezoics premium service for several months and found it increases my overall ads earning income.

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Here is my experience with Ezoic Premium

If you’re looking for ways to make money from your website, you’ll want to learn more about Ezoic Premium. As a webmaster and blogger using the platform since 2020, I can confidently say that it is one of the most powerful tools available for digital marketers today.\

So read on as I take you through my journey with Ezoic and why I recommend it.

Ezoic Places Quality Ad Companies On Your Site

One of the main benefits of the Ezoic premium service is that it will attract better companies to advertise on your websites, which means that you should receive higher revenue for your ad slots.

One of the main aspects of better companies is where your traffic is coming from on your website. The United States has one of the highest ad rates for the U.S, based traffic. That is because US-based companies’ US advertising and sales budget can be substantial.

For example, my websites have companies like Geico, Nike, PayPal, and Facebook bid for advertising slots on my websites. One reason they are willing to advertise on my website is that much of my traffic is driven from the United States.

If your traffic comes from India, these better companies may not want to advertise on your website unless they have business in India. That is one of the problems with ad income on websites, but one of the benefits of Ezoic premium is that they have already figured this out for you.

Never Pay More Than You Make On Ads

Ezoic premium is a paid service, but you never pay more than you will make with the additional premium ads. This means by joining the premium service, you will not lose money.

For example, if you make $50 extra with a premium package and need to pay $30 USD premium fee, you still be $20 ahead by purchasing the premium package.

That is one of the things that I like and appreciate about Ezoic. If your ad income drops for some reason, they will drop you down to the next Premium level instead of charging you for a higher premium level.

That happened to me as I had a website with massive monthly traffic due to one blog post. After a month, the blog post traffic went down, so I no longer have the same amount of traffic on this website. Ezoic bumped me up to a higher level during that month, but when the traffic went down again, they put me down a level. My account associate told me that going between premium levels can be common.

Premium Comes With Quarterly Reviews

One of the things that I appreciate about Ezoic premium is having quarterly reviews with the Ezoic team in the USA headquarters. I have found these reviews to be beneficial.

I appreciated how they would look at my websites and tell me what they thought about them or how I should place my ads differently. I appreciate that they were there for me and would do all they could to help me to become a successful publisher.

That shows me that Ezoic is the type of company invested in its publishers’ success. They understand that when the publishers are successful, they are also successful.

I appreciate that Ezoic and I work together as a team. Ezoic cares about me and my success; joining Ezoic premium gives me another venue to work with Ezoic to help me be successful.

My experience with Ezoic premium is that it has been worth the extra cost. I am making much more money through Ezoic premium than on the Ezoic platform. I also like how I have better quality companies that advertise on my websites.

Join Ezoic Today

If you are not sure how Ezoic can help you or you want to join Ezoic, click on the link below to join their advertising program. I have found Ezoic to be an outstanding company for publishers to work with.

Click on the button below to claim your special offer to join Ezoic.

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