Are Virtual Fitness Challenges Worth It?

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When I started to think about doing a virtual challenge, I asked myself, is it worth it? Does doing a Virtual Challenge work, or is it just another gimmick?

Completing a Virtual Challenge is worth it. A Virtual Challenge is a great way to help keep me motivated with my fitness goals while, at the same time, I can virtually travel and learn something new about another part of the world. Traveling to another part of the world is one of my favorite aspects of a virtual challenge.

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Here are some of the reasons why we feel a virtual challenge is worth it:

Reasons We Feel Virtual Fitness Challenges are Worth It

Virtual fitness challenges have been popping up on social media, with countless users vowing to stay fit and challenged in the comfort of their own homes. While it might be difficult for some to get into a routine or properly motivate themselves, online fitnesses offer a compelling way of staying on track with one’s wellness goals,

I love doing virtual fitness challenges. As I finish one virtual challenge, I plan the next place or location to travel virtually.

Do I want to climb Mount Everest virtually? Or Mount Fuji? How about traveling through the flower fields of Holland? Or the North Coast of the Scottish Highland? These are all challenges that I am looking forward to completing.

Here are some of the reasons why we feel a virtual challenge is worth it:

Virtual Challenges Keep You Motivated On Your Fitness Goals

I live in work in Hanoi, Vietnam; one of the hardest things for me lately has been to keep myself motivated through all the Covid lockdowns.

The virtual challenges keep me motivated for my fitness goals. I try to find a way to move forward on at least one of my daily challenges. I could not go outside some days, so I found myself running around my house to get in some miles or cycling on my spinning bike. I love how all these things count for a virtual challenge.

Joining a virtual challenge helps keep me motivated for all my fitness goals. Even during the lockdown, or if I could not get outside to exercise like I wanted to, I discovered that I could still do something to keep moving forward on my virtual challenge.

Virtual Challenges Allows You to Travel The World Virtually

Virtual challenges are a great way to travel the world virtually. I love how you can go onto some of the virtual challenges and view via the Google Map Street view and see exactly where you are. This has been one of my favorite aspects of a virtual challenge.

I have seen many parts of the world, including England, Scotland, Germany, and Peru. Places I can virtually see that I would not have seen unless I had joined the virtual challenge.

It has been fun to try 360° views on Google Street and see what was in front of me, to my side, and behind me. I can see the landscape, houses, and other buildings. Using technology to virtually see the world is a great way to be able to travel virtually.

With Virtual Challenges, I Learn About The World

There may be places you want to travel to but have not had the chance; a virtual challenge is a great way to learn and virtually travel parts of the world. Through my virtual challenges, I have learned a lot about parts of the world I did not know about.

I discovered the Inca Trail in Peru. I learned aspects of the English channel that I did not know. I had no idea there was an old Roman wall known as Hadrian’s Wall going across Northern England. These are just a few examples of things I have learned as I have traveled virtually through many different locations worldwide.

Virtual Challenges You Can Travel Alone Or With A Group

One of the great things about virtual challenges is that you can do them alone or you can do them with a group of family or friends. I have done the challenges both ways, and both have advantages.

A friend and I have been cycling the Lands End to John O’Groats, 1,083.8 miles or the entire length of England and Scotland; this is a Conquer Virtual Challenge. This has been a lot of fun as we also spent many Saturday mornings cycling around the countryside of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is fun to see who is ahead or behind and keep each other motivated through the challenge.

I am also walking with my sisters and a friend the length of the Romantic Road through Germany; also a Conquer Virtual Challenge. For the Romantic Road challenge, some people calculated all the steps they took per day; others, like me, counted the miles I walked for exercise.

It was fun to get onto our community page and see where everyone in our community or group is; it is a fun way to contact family and friends.

There are many other challenges I have done alone. And those challenges for me have been just as wonderful and fun. I love going on the map and seeing where I am located and the area I have just traveled.

When traveling virtually alone, I can also get on the challenges page and see where everyone is in the virtual challenge community; this way, I am never really traveling alone.

One of the great things about virtual challenges is that you can do them alone, with a group, or with others in the virtual challenges community.

For Virtual Challenges Go As Fast Or As Slow As You Want

Most virtual challenges do not have a time limit, or they allow you to set a very long or short timeframe. This means you can go as fast or slow as you want.

You can set a short time frame for a long distance or a long time frame for a short distance. It is up to you to decide what works for your fitness level and lifestyle.

I love this aspect of the virtual challenges that allow me to decide how fast or slow I will or can do the challenge. After all, if you are traveling over 1000 miles by bike, it can take you a while.

Any Age Can Do The Virtual Challenge

It is always enjoyable to go onto the Conquer Virtual Challenge Facebook page and see all the different ages of people completing a challenge. I have seen very young people who have completed a challenge to people using a walker to walk around a nursing home hallways to complete their challenge.

This shows that you are never too old – too young – too fat or thin – too healthy or unhealthy – to complete a virtual challenge. A great thing about a virtual challenge is that anyone can do it or complete it.

I have been inspired by the stories of people who have had health challenges yet they completed the challenge. These people have inspired me and shown me that I can do it if they can do it.

Sign Up For A Virtual Challenge Today!

There are many virtual challenges, but my top pick for a Virtual Challenge is the Conquer Virtual Challenge; the Conquer Challenge’s cost is very reasonable. The basic cost is $29.95 if you only want to do the challenge and get the medal. If you also want to include a T-shirt, it is $59.95. They also offer other kinds of merchandise.

To receive an automatic 10% discount on your challenge, click and sign up with this link. You can discover more by clicking here.

As a bonus, The Conquer Virtual Challenge has a very active Facebook group. You can use Facebook to stay up-to-date on the news about the challenges and what others are doing. To join The Conquer Virtual Challenge Facebook page or discover more by clicking here. They have another Facebook page that is only for those on the challenge.

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What Is A Virtual Challenge? 11 Facts About Virtual Fitness Challenges

A virtual challenge you do virtually by posting your mileage into an app or on your computer. You can run, walk, swim, cycle, step, or exercise at your own pace as you move along a specified route on a map. You can do it individually, as a team, or as a community.

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Is The Conqueror Virtual Challenge Legit?

The Conquer Virtual Challenge is 100% legit. Upon completing a challenge, you will receive a medal for acknowledging that you have completed the challenge. You can also pay extra to get a T-shirt or to purchase some other merchandise. Even though this challenge is 100% virtual, it is a great way to experience other parts of the world virtually.

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